‘Highly Significant’ Unannounced PS3 Games Still Coming

For over a week, we’ve known for certain what we’ve long assumed: PlayStation 4 is real, and it’s coming out later in 2013. Obviously, the fact that new hardware is on its way raises all sorts of exciting possibilities, but it also draws into question the future of PlayStation 3.

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Godchild10201996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

The past has shown us that Sony hasn't left a console out and dry when a new console from them has been released. I expect my PS3 to be played until 2015, but I will have a PS4 at release.

panbit861996d ago

And that's one of the reason's why Sony has my respect and my loyalty as a gamer and a customer!
PS4 day 1 + PS3 AAA games for me too! ;)

blitz06231996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Yes, but because Sony still looked after the PS2, it affected the PS3. It had a really slow start. Not saying that it was all due to that, but it was part of it aside from that monster $599 launch price.

At least now, I can say Sony isn't making the same mistake. They are still focused on the PS3, but based on the reveal and the hype train that is E3, we can expect the PS4 to not suffer the same launch fate as the PS3.

As long as they don't put that $599 price tag on it again.

miyamoto1996d ago

‘Highly Significant’ Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Polyphony Digital, Keiichiro Toyama, Hideo Kojima games?

brave27heart1996d ago

Im guessing just GT6. ND are working on Last of Us and PS4, Media Molecule on tearaway and PS4, Samta Monica might have a second team working on something as well as GOW Ascention possibly.

Bound to be a couple of unknowns who could join the fray, like PS Allstars and Ni NoKuni have.

BlmThug1996d ago

GT6 for PS3 :'( I want it for the PS4!

LOGICWINS1996d ago

So long as Sony has those PS3 games available for download on my PS4 via PSN, I've got no problems. I can understand the PS4 not supporting disk based PS3 games, but theres no excuse for me not to be able to access my digital PS3 games on the PS4.

garos821996d ago

logic you will have a problem no matter what and if you applied "logic" to your post maybe you would think that maybe its not the best idea to have ps3 games to be bought on ps4 as sony will still be selling ps3 consoles and peripherals for years to come.

Dno1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Dude it's the same excuse. The games don't work because the hardware does not support it. Disk, download or Xbox 360 games just don't work if the hardware is not in the system.

Xbox 360 was a joke be u get the point

Kur01996d ago

Digital PS3 games are exactly the same as on-disc PS3 games. They all run using the Cell and the RSX architecture which makes them unplayable on PS4. Apparently for you, logic doesn't win.

GribbleGrunger1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

That's not logical. They still require the same hardware to run as disc based games, so clearly if disc based games aren't compatible neither will downloadable games. If I'm going to download games then I must have the internet. If I have the internet then I'm happy for them to stream my purchases to me, proving those that I've already bought are free. That's the first post you've made in a long time that I'm suspicious of, Logic. I some how think that you already knew this but for some very odd reason you decided to voice an opinion that would likely mirror a dissenters opinion... it does look a tad like fishing to be honest, sorry.

solidjun51994d ago

Long time? Almost all his "logical" apcomments are like that.

Cupid_Viper_31996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Well whether it's digital or disc based, it's still a PS3 game right? Or am I getting this totally wrong here?

I'm assuming that it's the same reason why your digital PS Vita games, don't work on the PS3?
And secondly, if you own a PS3, and want to play PS3 Games, it on your PS3.

Edit: Holy crap, everybody beat me to it.... lol

-Falaut-1996d ago

Okay...LOGICwins. How can you understand the PS4 not supporting PS3 games because the of the disc format? If the PS4 has a drive that can read Blu-ray and DVD....

Its about the processing side sir. There are no PS3 innards in the PS4, so a PS3 DOWNLOADABLE game will still not work, because ... oh christ I give up.

TronEOL1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I agree, I want my digital PS3 games on the PS4, but the only problem with that is they still require the same hardware disc games use. They were programmed for the PS3, which the PS4 is not.

PS2 games might be possible, and PS1 games are probably very doable. But the PS3 was so different from anything that getting it to run on PS4 may be difficult.

Plus, I can see Sony and Gaikai making the first "Netflix for gamers". So I'd rather them make a subscription service opening PS1-3 games for my use via Gaikai game streaming, instead of having to download them (ie Uncharted 3's 40+GB).

arronax-11996d ago

Why don't you keep the PS3 to finish up those games then? Its likely you could still keep the same account after all.

LOGICWINS1996d ago

Nah, I'm selling my PS3 towards a PS4. I already have a $280 quote for my 500GB backwards compatible model.

SDF Repellent1995d ago

It would be tragic if my PS3 PSN library cannot transferred over to the PS4 like Journey. Hopefully Sony will find a solution for the digital and physical transferring of PS3 games. If the Next xbox allow this and the PS4 4 don't, it will be a big blow for Sony.

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Apex131996d ago

As much as I am a Nintendo man first I still have the other two systems to get my anger out on so I'm lookin forward to new games. Ps3 built games are great things bar ports from 360 which I'm still playing.

Dlacy13g1996d ago

Its a no brainer that there will be more games announced for PS4 that we haven't heard about. Question is, are the 2013 launch titles or are they "down the road" games for 2014.

PersonMan1995d ago

I think it says "unannounced PS3 games"

PS3 games. Not PS4.

Dlacy13g1995d ago

yes sir you are correct. I was half asleep when reading this post and well... once it went up I couldn't correct it.

But...on the heals of more PS4 games being a no brainer... I think Sony's track record with the PS2 says we should see a good year if not more of support for PS3 games as well. So its a no brainer there will be holiday PS3 major titles too. :)

cleft51996d ago

I can't play ps3 games on my ps4, so why would I buy any of these upcoming titles for my ps3? I would rather just rent them and save up money for my ps4 and some release titles.

BlaqMagiq241995d ago

Because great titles like The Last of Us are must-owns. I can understand saving money for a ps4 but just beacuse the ps4 can't play ps3 games doesn't mean the ps3 should be cast to the wayside. Great games are still coming for it.

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