The Many Deaths of Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Whether Lara knew she was going to be stranded on an island filled with murderous lunatics or not, she probably should have brought a few band-aids.

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TrendyGamers1787d ago

Don't let Conan see this.

dbjj120881787d ago

Haha, that Conan review convinced me to buy the game.

ceballos77mx1787d ago

Me too, that was a good review.

Wedge191787d ago

Sickly awesome. It's sad that I'm going to play poorly on purpose at times just to see these, or start out on the hardest difficulty available.

Wedge191787d ago

The first one with the stick through the throat has to be one of the worst... Certainly is a much more mature Tomb Raider.

doctorstrange1787d ago

It certainly sticks in the throat.

KuroiTori1787d ago

I highly doubt that if they found a busty women they would immediately throw her into that abyss below...

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