PS Plus Crucial To PS4

Sony have stated in an interview how important PS Plus is and commented on the future of the PS3.

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Canary1992d ago

Well, yeah. Obviously, considering how much they're pushing streaming in the absence of any form of b/c.

I imagine they'll probably let PS+ users stream the PSN games they've already purchased for free; and use a separate subscription model (outside of PS+) for users to stream games they have not purchased. Though PS+ would likely offer a discount.

From a consumer's perspective, I really don't like what Sony is doing at all. But from a business perspective, what they're doing is very admirable. If it works (and even though I don't want it to, it probably will), the PS4 will likely be hugely profitable.


Well, of course, that all depends on the games. I mean, hell, look at the Vita--one of the best gaming machines ever built, and no one's buying the thing.

fatstarr1992d ago

its a terrible idea capitalizing off the stupidity of the masses, its an apple/activision/ea like move and the consumers wont cry they will accept it and the next time they will see just how far they can go with out pushing the consumers buttons, and slowly but surely they gain control and have a mindless puppet ready to do all bidding with their wallets.

the ps4 will not be profitable for the first few years, no sony console ever is

Canary1992d ago

I really don't see how it's a terrible idea for Sony.

They're competing against Xbox Live. Now, tell me, which is the better value: paying X amount of money for the privelege of using your own internet connection; or paying the same amount of money for an online service that let's you indefinitely rent a massive number of titles?

From a consumer-standpoint, it's a kick in the face for those of us who have been purchasing digital content. We've lost all of that with the PS4. It's terrible.

But for PS+ subscribers who have been playing the same games by renting? It actually (theoretically) improves things for them by letting them stream while downloading, or without downloading.

Couple that with Sony being first out the gate this time, and all they really need is a good marketing campaign to reap some pretty significant profit.

JeepGamer1992d ago

You really don't need to give skeptics like me another reason to write off the PS4 by making PS+ 'crucial'.

ExPresident1992d ago

You would have to be silly to not take advantage of the deal PS+ gives you. It's insane the value you get for the subscription cost. The only issue I could see is if you don't have the ability to download stuff or you have a download cap. If that's the case you aren't forced or required to have PS+ to use online so not sure why people don't respect the service for what it is.... A great option that has amazing value.

To each his own I guess.

fatstarr1992d ago

so basically you are supporting this network and praising it? something you pay for, but in the thousands of ps3-xbox 360 arguments of the past one of the main reasons "xbox was trash " was the simple fact that it needed xbox live. something that you had to pay for... now 4 years later sony has this type of pay service and its totally ok.

really hypocritical.

IRetrouk1992d ago

Compare what you get when you pay for xbox live and ps+, there is a massive diffrence between the two.

clintagious6501992d ago


The difference between the 2 services is BIG difference. One service u pay to play your online games with. The other service u pay to get free games & discounts on other games & get 1st access to demos & betas.

amiga-man1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


you couldn't be more wrong, there is no one more critical of the M$ business model than me it is a huge con, they take away YOUR internet and force you to pay to get it back, that is completely different from the Sony business model, they have taken nothing away you still have YOUR internet access and are free to play online browse the net watch Netflix etc, instead they actually offer you something worth paying for and the value of PS+ is there for all to see but if you don't see the value you are still able to play online for free, if that ever changes the you would have a point and unlike you supporting the M$ con of paying to use YOUR internet I would refuse.

See the difference.

ExPresident1992d ago


If you seriously think my statement is hypocritical then you are clearly missing the key differences in the network.

I can do everything I need to in order to play my games or watch movies online without ever paying Sony an online fee to do it. PS+ is simply a choice I have that adds extremely good value over its cost.

With XBox you have to pay, as others have said, to simply play your online games. Nothing I said was hypocritical. I praise a service that is an OPTION to me, not a requirement, that also adds more value then it costed me to get it.

Personally, if Microsoft had a better business model (ie free online since I already pay for the game and my internet provider) I'd love to own one for a few of their exclusives. But I don't agree with the required LIVE payment.

Take your non-gamer friendly attitude somewhere else. PS+ is a clear win for GAMERS.

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landog1992d ago

not intrested in streaming video games even 1%

i could not care less if i tried

what i want is standard controls, no 3d, the game to come on a bluray disc, better a.i.

larger worlds

better physics

the graphics to be 1080p native, with 4x anti aliasing

v-sync always enabled so i never see a torn frame

30 frames minimum, never less,

pc quality textures, shadows and lighting

thats it

take gaikai and shove it

and i'll just keep my ps3 to play ps3 games and all the digital content i own thanks

streaming is crap for movies, now imagine it 10x more terrible because of lag/latency every time you press a button and wait for the server to enter it, then for it to come back to you and appear on screen

its bloody awful, trust me

just give me normal games with amazing quality graphics and we're good

WeAreLegion1992d ago

Vudu streams movies at 1080p very well, even with my crappy connection.

Soldierone1992d ago

When I used Vudu it was "better" than other streaming, but you can still tell it was getting compressed. The HDX one worked decent, but the HD one still wasn't amazing.

Blu-ray beats it all hands down though.

Streaming works for movies because it can be compressed then "unpacked" at the console and streamed. It isn't constantly looking for input and output, it simply sends data and the machine reads it.

WeAreLegion1992d ago

You can tell? Really? I highly doubt that. In side-by-side comparisons, it looks identical to blu-ray. I've had to do this for three websites.

SolidDuck1992d ago

360 gets bashed cause if u want to play multiplayer, or watch netflix, Hulu or anything like that u have to pay for xbox live gold. Those are all free to access on ps3. PS plus is a much more optional service with more content value. It's apples and oranges.

dcbronco1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Sony will own the parts in the PS4 also. Everyone goes to a major chip architect for the base design. They then pay them to modify it and add features of their design or that they pay the company(AMD in this case) to design. They can then shop that chip to anyone they want. The problems with bring down the cost on the Cell are different. Buy straight off the shelf is more expensive. That's what Microsoft did with the first Xbox and why it remained more than they could sell it for the entire lifetime. No console maker will ever let someone else own their CPU and GPU again.

PSN+ is crucial because PSN cost millions to run and it provides some income to help cover the cost.