March Madness: Ten Games to Look Out for This Month

SuperPhillip Central writes, "It is the start of a brand-new month, and it is certainly one packed full of interesting software. Like we did for the first time in February, SuperPhillip Central is naming the greatest games of the upcoming month. Use this gamer's guide to see which ten releases set for this month are worthy of further investigation. Note: These release dates posted are for North American use."

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ShaunCameron1997d ago

I didn't know Pandora's Tower was coming out this month.

At least the Wii U's finally getting some new games, even if one of them is just an expansion of an existing game.

landog1997d ago

starcraft 2 heart of the swarm is by far the best game coming out this month, probably all year

lame list, besides bioshock infinite, tomb raider and god of war, all those other games look mediocre

grailly1997d ago

I don't know how all these list keep missing out on sim city and starcraft...

FlameHawk1997d ago

Bioshock Infinite! God I'm so excited, the games environment is awesome!

Y_51501997d ago

Is Naruto Ultimate Storm 3 being overlooked by the gaming media?