The Nintendo Wii U’s troubles start with a dearth of developers

In The DeanBeat column, GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi writes about the lack of support for the Wii U.

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JeffGrubb1993d ago

Only game coming out for Wii U for three weeks in Spider-Man.

Nitrowolf21993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

eh there's more than that right?

illegalyouth1993d ago

Not true! Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is releasing on March 19th.

chadboban1993d ago

At least use Google before you make statements like that. Monster Hunter, Need for Speed and Lego City all come out on the 19th.

JeffGrubb1993d ago

Starting with the week of February 17, up until March 19, the only retail game is Spider-Man.

That's what I meant. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

Jek_Porkins1993d ago

I have Lego City pre-ordered!

deafdani1993d ago

It may not be a retail game, but Runner 2 was released for Wii U a few days ago and is AMAZING. People seriously need to take notice of that game.

Old McGroin1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Not in the EU. Instead of Runner 2 we got absolutely nothing :(

EDIT: And to make things even worse the Wii got Retro City Rampage and the Wii U didn't. What the hell Nintendo? I've never felt so starved of games at this stage of a consoles life.

deafdani1993d ago

Awwww, crap. I completely forgot about Europe. :(

I hope you guys get them games soon!

Old McGroin1993d ago

"Only game coming out for Wii U for three weeks in Spider-Man."

Monster Hunter is out on the 19th in the US and 22nd in Europe.

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Lifeequals421993d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- it's all about the software. Nintendo captured the casual crowd with the Wii, but why would those same people shell out cash for another console so soon? The big "N" desperately needs to win back hardcore gamers, but they've fled to Microsoft and Sony. And developers are naturally reticent to make games for a console struggling to find its identity -- especially when said console is under-powered.

SybaRat1993d ago

But...but...they were all in a video two years ago saying how cool the Wii U would be!

deantak1993d ago

Well, let's just forget about that.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1993d ago

I thought WiiU's problem was coming to the party only to get a beat down from a Bigoted Game Media - and legions of Over-Infatuated Fan boys-

Shows what I know-
-but now that I see there is a reason... WAIT!

Hold on-

WHY were their Nintendo DOOM articles even in December last year?

Did we know, then, that Rayman was going to be pushed back and go Multiplat?
Did we know, then, the Specs of PS4 or 720?
Did we know that their was going to be a games drought?
Did we know, then, how many developers would be working on games for WiiU in Late Feb. 2013?

...Kind of strange how pessimism of the past can sourer the future...

cleft51993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Nintendo gave third party developers a chance to be out front with their games so that first party titles didn't overshadow them. And what do we get, no major third party support early on and one of the biggest third party titles, Rayman, being delayed despite it being done.

Ultimately I am not worried about the WiiU because I know that Nintendo has enough games they will release that will be amazing for the system. Also this idea of Second Party titles, like Shin Megami x Fire Emblem, The Wonderful 101, X Project, and Bayonetta 2 to start is going to lead to really great games being made for the platform. It's a shame that once again Nintendo is going to have to lead the way on their console, but the idea of Second Party games should give us great games that aren't just Mario games.

deafdani1993d ago

Project X is first party. Monolith Soft is 100% owned by Nintendo, making them a first party studio.

sashimi1993d ago

Nintendo didn't give third party developers a chance to be out front of their games so that first party titles didn't overshadow them.

Nintendo had no choice in that matter since most of their first party titles are either delayed or weren't coming out anytime near launch anyway. That was all just PR talk, you would think that since they announced their console mid 2011 that by 2013 they would have games either completed or close to release but all they have had are delays or aren't coming out anytime soon.

Asking third parties to make exclusive games for the wiiU while there are 140 million PS360 out there just be silly hence why most of the games are ports.

cherbhy1993d ago

Well said. Some of the more recent criticism is warranted; but as a whole, the Game Media just has it out for Nintendo in a HUGE way. It's tiring to be a Nintendo fan.

Personally, I don't think that it's a huge leap from 6.4 percent of developers who intend to put their next game on Wii u to the 14 percent who are developing for X360, especially when you consider how well-established the other consoles are already. Higher install base = more profit.

I predict that all consoles this generation will have a slow start, including the messiah of all game consoles to everybody on this site: the PS4. I say this for two primary reasons: 1. A lot of the big games that have been announced for the ps4 are also coming to the PS3, & 2. there are still major titles coming to PS3! (The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, Destiny... etc.) I'm sure PS4 has a system seller game (which is more than could be said for the Wii U, what with the poorly received ZombiU), but I personally don't think that we'll see that game until E3.

Jek_Porkins1993d ago

I think Nintendo didn't see Rayman getting delayed again and going multiplatform. They probably also thought New Super Mario Bro's U would be a huge system seller, but most people already had their fill of that game on the Wii and DS/3DS.

They are hopefully saving the big guns for when the new consoles come out from Sony and Microsoft.

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