Why Sony Should’ve waited to Unveil the PS4 at E3 writes: "The gaming industry has been a big game of poker. With short stacks coming and going, to even seeing big companies go on tilt and lose all of their chips. Yep here is to looking at you THQ, thanks for the wonderful memories. In the past big names like Sega and even the legendary Atari lost their stacks. Newbies from small time fund-raisers have recently come into the game, Occulus, and the Ouya to name a few. But none are as big as the current chip leaders at the table: Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. So why would Sony raise the stakes so high on a hand that isn’t made yet?"

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jony_dols1938d ago

Sony still have to unveil the actual console which is an event in itself & no doubt they will have a few more unseen 1st-party exclusives that they are saving especially for E3.

I thought that semi-reveal last month was pretty inspired as it has the whole gaming world talking and has left us wanting more. E3 is going to be the best in years!


Ps1 e3 1995....Ps2 e3 2000... psp e3 2003...

sashimi1938d ago

We are in the future, Not everything has to be done exactly as in the past, unless you are Amish.

Cupid_Viper_31938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"Why Sony Should’ve waited to Unveil the PS4 at E3"

Erm...Maybe the author have already seen the PS4, but the rest of the world haven't. Sony simply announced the PS4 at their event. What they've done is clever really. It's called the "Sniper Effect" where you've heard the shot fired, seen the dead person on the floor, but you don't know "where" the shooter is. So an entire battalion is halted by a single shot as every one is now seeking cover.

Secondly "So why would Sony raise the stakes so high on a hand that isn’t made yet?"

Again Sony haven't revealed their hand, they've simply raised the blinds "poker anyone?" as opposed to just giving giving their competition a free look at the next turn. Sony is saying "here's Killzone, and inFamous, (pretty impresive) But I'm have over over 3 generations of successful IP's that I'm sitting on, so come at me."

So if anyone thinks that what Sony showed is all they've got, then they haven't been gaming for too long.

dafegamer1938d ago

uhhm they could lose steam from other companies.
Sony was smart to gain all the attention for themselves

Saigon1938d ago

This article seemed more of a bash at the Sony brand rather than talk regarding the main issue the author saw which was not showing the actual console, which was eventually mentioned. The author thinks that the gameplay provided from the KZ demo was fake, because of what was done with KZ2. From that comment, I don't think the author actually attended or specifically watched the presentation. That KZ video look like actual game play, and if I remember correctly it was later confirmed, as with the new inFamous title and the other titles shown that some elements shown within the presentation of the games was actual gameplay.

If the rumors are correct, I think the author will be even more disappointed when MS has its reveal party. I really can't wait for this event because I need to see what I am purchasing. The PS4 is already on my radar, just need the system price and a decision will be made on the Next Xbox, based on what is shown. Or maybe I would have to get it anyway for my wife.

RyuStrife1937d ago

Revealing @ E3 is a stupid idea. Sony would have to do a reveal of the PS4, talk about all the features, show games and tech demos, talk about PS3, upcoming games for the PS3, talk PS Vita, PS Vita games, psn updates etc...then all that plus data of sales to satisfy shareholders. All within at most 3 hours (Sony had been doing it @ 2 hours). PS Meeting was about 2 hour. Too much to say/do in too little time.

With the PS meeting done and tech stuff out of the way, they can show more games, more game demos, feature focused demonstration, talk PS 3, Vita, data, price cuts, psn, and whatever they want to talk about. Plus all hardware revisions should be about finalized.

HappyGaming1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

@Ashunderfire86 PS3 was announced at E3 2005 not 2006.

The author shouldn't write articles about something he hasn't researched. It was gameplay:

Notice how this demo plays differently from the one on the 20th of February!

gaffyh1937d ago

4 months isn't enough time to market and unveil a console. If they are targeting a November release date, they needed to reveal at least something before E3. And it looks like MS is set to do the same.

Announcing what they did in February is the best decision Sony ever made. It gives developers enough time to take a look at all the hype and good ideas that Sony has brought to the table, and decide whether or not they wish to develop a game for the system.

kupomogli1937d ago


It was funny when Anthony took the controller.

Saigon1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


That was a great video, I have been meaning to find that video for a while, thank you.

And if that is not game play, I don't know what is!!!


I agree, A June Reveal wouldn't have been enough time to actually market and release this system. I think both MS and Sony are making the right decision to reveal before E3...That part that gets me more, is that I suspect if MS had the reveal in February, that all the game journalist, or the so called journalist would have been giving them nothing but praise..

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Thatguy-3101938d ago

Exactly. Now that they have some info out of the way now they can focus more on games and connectivity. Everything seems very spaced out for a reason.

Merrill1938d ago

I'm so glad these no name "journalists" don't have real jobs where they could actually influence choices with their terrible opinions within Sony regarding the PS4.

I'm sure the Xbox 720 will have the perfect reveal to them.

AngelicIceDiamond1938d ago

People are wondering if Sony jumped the gun announcing a PS4 this early.

It just means Sony is 100% ready and dedicated to next gen. They don't want to make the same mistakes they made with the PS3 at the beginning of the gen.

Sony did shock the world by revealing a brand new console. Despite last year with early rumors stating PS4 getting released in 2014.

MysticStrummer1938d ago

The way I see it, the first reveal was like an extended teaser trailer at the movies. More info that tantalizes but also leaves questions. Sony is going to slowly reveal more info and keep PS4 in the spotlight throughout the year. I'd say it's a great strategy. I always enjoy E3, but now I'm looking forward to it more than usual.

RioKing1937d ago

I'm pretty confused as to why you have so many disagrees to this 0_o

forcefullpower1938d ago

Does now one get it yet why Sony didn't reveal the console. Microsoft tweeted themselves what a stupid idea not to show the console. So what Sony have done is push MS to show their console earlier in April. Yet Sony still said they had not fully completed the console. So what they are doing is making them reveal to much to early. They will then counter at E3 with additional features or hardware inside.

This is like a boxing match. Sony make the first hit see them get annoyed and make a move too quickly and they let loose there best shot while side stepping and letting loose a power house punch knocking them to the floor.


Have had a few beer and got bored of the usual car analogies.

Peace and love and all that shit.

SlyGuy1938d ago

If Sony waited until E3, we would have to read a "Why Sony Should Have Revealed the PS4 Prior to E3" article.

Zool 081938d ago

All Sony showed was a taste of things to come

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Outside_ofthe_Box1938d ago

Other than the fact that people wouldn't be b***ing about not seeing the console, I don't see why they should have waited.

wishingW3L1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

they did it at the right time and most gaming websites like Destructoid, GameTrailers, IGN and even Pachter agrees with it.

brave27heart1938d ago

Except anything that comes out of Patchfaces mouth is guaranteed garbage. Not much of an endorsement. Agree they did it at the right time though.

MysticStrummer1938d ago

You just agreed with Pachter's guaranteed garbage.

bicfitness1938d ago

Yeah, because months of hogging the spotlight and of getting into mindshare is a TERRIBLE thing. /s

The articles just get worse and worse.

miyamoto1938d ago

so the damage control continues...

zebramocha1938d ago

Shouldn't you be making wiiu games instead if commenting a stupid Sony article.

bicfitness1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"Damage control" will be the spin that we have to listen to at the end of April when Nintendo misses their hardware targets and Iwata commits seppoku live on Nintendo direct.

What Sony is doing is aggressive and smart. Shows a shift in philosophy from how they started last gen, that's for sure.

GribbleGrunger1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

It's incredible that the writer of the 1000th article about this event chose to offer reasons why they shouldn't have revealed it. He's in the net but still thinks he's swimming with the dolphins.

I hope he changes his mind because then I'd be able to call him 'Flipper' [dear God did I write that?]

Godmars2901938d ago

Though now they have room to go into detail about the system, rather than simply announce it.

It is just a box after all.

GribbleGrunger1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Agreed. We've spent a whole generation saying 'It's about the games', but suddenly we want to change that to 'It's about the box.' That just doesn't sound right to me.

I'm currently drinking tea out of a chipped cup but the tea still tastes great.