Stories In Fighting Games Or Lack Thereof

Bodachi's love of fighting games and the dismay in the lack of a good storyline in them.

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SOD_Delta1789d ago

I want to see more MK9 story-styled fighters.

pompombrum1789d ago

Yeah MK9 had a great story and so much unlocks to get that kept people playing.

It's funny the picture in the article is MvC3 though, that game has to have the WORST single player experience I've ever seen in a fighting game.

I hear the Blazblue series done a good job with a good story mode, haven't played it though.

TongkatAli1789d ago

Yeah, you're right. MvsC 3 single player sucked balls, but the fighting engine was fun.

pompombrum1788d ago

Yeah, the netcode was terrible too and it took forever to find matches. It looks incredible offline though it's just a pity I don't know anybody by me who plays it.

iMaim1789d ago

You can count the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games if you want.
Fully fleshed out story but not a really deep fighter though.

WolfLeBlack1789d ago

I suppose from a story-telling perspective it must be tough to come up with reasons for why people are engaging in 2d combat every five-seconds, using moves that literally break bones yet seemingly heal instantly.

Mortal Kombat 9 did it pretty well, Still daft at points, like how characters would beat the snot out of each other for the stupidest reasons, but it was a fun kind of daft! Twas most entertaining.

VoiceMale1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

fighting games don't struggle with stories at all simple because its not the real reason ppl buy these kinda games.there is nobody that buy these games for a good story telling.sure they could use a boost and a bit more attention from dev teams to immerse players with characters of their choice. but really the most times spent on a fighting game is in VS mode or online

i am a huge fighting game fan i have always been, and if they want to bring more to the genre they should focus more on realistic fighting settings for stages.

a game like dead or alive is good but the stages r just too far out there i.e fighting with dinosaurs in a stage ,on top of a really high mountain of pillars that u just keep falling from one to another and never hit the actual ground.and in most fight games the back drop or ppl in the back ground act clueless about a fight going on and just look random making small motions not bothered at all

my point is this ..make stages that an actually fight could happen and make the atmosphere of the stages a focal point....

TuxedoMoon1789d ago

Stories in normal fighting games has always been a problem. MK9 did it right by focusing on the main characters and giving the other characters a good amount of importance and screen time to make it feel more like an adventure. I did like MKvsDC's story and looking forward to Injustice's story in the near future. I absolutely hate the MK fighting system for various reasons, but I will put that aside to see the amazing work the team has put into their game. Although I hate the fighting mechanics in MK, I love the effort they put into their games to make it MORE THAN A STANDARD FIGHTING GAME. This effort and love is something I wish companies like Capcom and Namco would look into.

I've played several japanese cross over games, especially the Super Robot Wars and Another Century's episode series and the thing I love about them is the CHARACTER INTERACTIONS. Seeing Lelouche talk with Sagara Sousuke in the intermissions is something that amazed me. These games are heavily story focused, but playing them made me realize what I liked most out of cross-overs; CHARACTER INTERACTIONS. When I had certain characters together (different franchises)...they would TALK WITH EACH OTHER! I loved seeing all these different characters working, talking, and acting together to defeat a common threat. This, to me, is what a true cross-over game should be.

Take MVC3 for example. The intro/win/lose quotes reference characters, which was alright. I just wish they did a lot more and make MVC3 into an adventure where characters talk to each other and create a relationship. It would've been cool to actually play through the events of the mini-comic for MVC3 as mini-games. Hulk fighting zombies for example. There was just so much more this game could had added to make it tons better for people who aren't competitive or tournament goers. Instead they exclude megaman and just gave people the bare bones of a fighting game.

I'm looking forward to the english release of ProjectXzone. Megaman X + Kos-mos? Dream come true.

TongkatAli1788d ago

Well aren't you budget gamer ? So why wouldn't you understand Capcom being so skimp for it : /

All the ideas you explained I LOVE! but it sounds like money and time. If people are going to be cheap i guess the game companies are going to take as much as they could get working for less.

TuxedoMoon1788d ago

I know that Capcom and other companies are working on a budget. That's why they would need to spread their focus out. Instead of focusing solely on making the game balanced (something that can be patched), they should work on making a story mode and extra modes.

Another good example of a fighting game with a lot of content is Smash bros Brawl. That game celebrated Nintendo with trophies to unlock, songs, an adventure mode with cool cutscenes, mini games, and other fun stuff. I don't know the budget for Brawl, but it might have been over-all cheaper to make than MVC3. If a company, developer, or director of the game wants to make the best game they can make...then they need to plan things out a lot better. Brawl's fighting mechanics were a little broken, but that didn't stop the game from being a tournament game and didn't stop other gamers from having fun with it.

In any cross-over game, maybe it be an RPG or fighting game, I would love to see more character interactions beyond them just teasing each other before fighting. Take some ques from Super Robot wars and Another Century's episode. Have characters from different series form a relationship. The game does not have to be canon with the series either. Personally, I think of cross-overs as "official" fan fictions.

This video is from Another Century's episode 2. My personal favorite in the series. THIS is what made me realize what a true cross-over game should be:

pompombrum1788d ago

Ouch, a little bit harsh to put Namco in the same boat as Capcom. Both Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 5 had fairly decent single player experiences and not to mention the countless hours you could spend making custom characters and editing your favourites in SC5.

TuxedoMoon1788d ago

Soul Calibur had really good 1p modes till they screwed it up with SC4 and 5. A stupid tower and a slide show? What happened to the map that detailed where you were going, what was a happening, and so on? I really did like SC3's adventure mode. That was cool.

Namco/bandai, oddly enough, put out the SRW and ACE series. Hope they put that SRW cross-over effort into smash bros 4 story mode. CHARACTERS INTERACTING!

You're right though, Namco is a lot better than capcom and shouldn't be clumped up with them.