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IGN - PS4: How Sony is Setting its Sights on World Domination

How the PlayStation 4 reveal showed a much more global Sony than we’ve seen before. (PS4, Sony)

GribbleGrunger  +   917d ago
This is actually quite a good read. I don't often agree with IGN but I do here. Whether Sony can achieve what is proposed remains to be seen because you can't discount Microsoft who have proven themselves to be a formidable opponent. When all is said and done, I think that parity in hardware and consumer penetration is the best we can really hope for. Negating the mythical console race would perhaps help alleviate any unnecessary friction between the camps.

Here's to a frownless future!
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ShugaCane  +   917d ago
The more competition there is between the constructors, the more they will try to impress us and thus the more amazing games we are going to be able to play. At least, this is my logic. The PS4 set the bar pretty high, and I sincerely hope Microsoft has some amazing stuff to show, so that Sony will do its best to bring even more incredible things. And then Microsoft (and Nintendo hopefully) will counter-attack. And then Sony. And so on. Gamers will benefit from that dynamics.
GribbleGrunger  +   917d ago
And it's sound logic. The alternative is to stifle the tech advantages of another console with contractual obligations. It's a more half empty than half full approach, but it helps prevent developer migration. This would negate the process you have suggested but would also make sure that one company didn't rise above the other. Let's hope it never comes to that ... Which is why I think it's best to hope for hardware parity.

Let the contest be limited to 1st party software and THEN we'll see the consoles push each other hard.
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MikeMyers  +   917d ago
There will never be technical parity because the PC is always pushing forward. In consoles we had the technically superior Xbox over the PS2 and then we had the technical advantages of the PS3 hardware to that of the Xbox 360. The differences didn't seem to matter two generations ago so why would it now? People should be supporting the PC market more if they want the most advanced hardware. Consoles shouldn't be the lead platform, the PC should be. From there games should be scaled to bring out the strengths of each console.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   917d ago
@ MikeMyers
"People should be supporting the PC market more if they want the most advanced hardware."

I don't think you get it son. The people who wants "the most advanced hardware" already own a super expansive, top of the line PC. The rest simply don't want to deal with it, as it's not a straight forward thing.

You can brag about your modded 1000 HP Toyota Supra all you want to, but a 500 HP formula formula 1 car will kill it on the track. Why? Optimization. It has been built from the ground up with one purpose in mind, the track. So it's not always about Moa Powah, it's sometimes about how fast and precisely can you take corners.

And that's the approach a console manufacturer takes as opposed to the PC which is an all purpose machine. So chill out with the PC stuff for a bit, if people wanted to game on PCs they would have done it by now. We all own one don't we?
dcbronco  +   917d ago

I disagree but from the standpoint that since consoles are closed systems they are a better platform to see what best parts can do when optimized. If consoles were to update more often it would be the best situation.

I am hoping Steambox will be just that. A system that takes a small selection of parts that make a total of 3 or 4 specs for game makers to target. Those specs would then be used by each PC manufacturer to make a case around. Maybe Nvidia GPUs to couple to a specific AMD APU or Intel CPU and the same for two AMD GPUs. Let that stand for two or three years until a new spec is launched. And all cases should be upgradable to cut customer cost.

Or console maker can just launch new consoles every 4 or 5 years.
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Denethor_II  +   917d ago
"You can brag about your modded 1000 HP Toyota Supra all you want to, but a 500 HP formula formula 1 car will kill it on the track. Why? Optimization."

Don't forget power to weight ratio.
MikeMyers  +   917d ago
Cupid Viper, no matter how much you optimize the games on consoles they can and have been trumped on the PC. Battlefield 3 is a perfect example of how it chugged along at 30fps on consoles and was 720p with way less players online. On the PC they did a heck of a lot more. So why should EA make it for the console as the lead platform when we know they can and did more?

Each generation we see consoles compete with PC games early on as the PC front continues to push forward. Sure not all games make the best use of what PC's can offer but that is because the marketing and support is often in favor for the consoles.

All of the arguments from last gen about how powerful the PS3 was to that of the Xbox360 was and still is ridiculous and the sad thing Is we are already seeing that with the upcoming generation. Seems to me it's not even about how powerful the console is but just a continuous game of Sony fans versus Microsoft fans.
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JackBNimble  +   917d ago

considering how many AAA games on pc are actually ports fron console games, one would think that the support should be on the console rather then the pc. Don't missunderstand what I am saying here, I am a pc gamer as well, but pc gamers should embrace the ps4 and nextbox because it will make developing and porting better games to the pc. Atleast next gen should be better then this current gen for consoles and pc with what sony has showed us.The easier it is for devs to port the better it is for everyone.

The better the consoles are in general , then the better it will be for pc.
MikeMyers  +   916d ago

That is somewhat true. You see Sony finally not having a Playstation console within their Ivory Tower as they call it. Sony sees the advantage now of not having such proprietary hardware. Where developers can port games easily. The Xbox was already like a PC. I still think the assets should be built on the most powerful device and then tailored to bring out the strengths of each ported system.

The problem we saw on the PS3 is developers didn't really want to take the time exploiting what the PS3 could do and often had issues porting games to it. The PS4 looks to change all that.

As time goes on the next gen consoles will be holding back PC gaming once again. That is where all the marketing is and a lot of times the PC port suffers because of it. Because they too won't take the time to make most of what the latest PC graphics cards can do.
jp_footy2  +   917d ago
Do you think ps4 is the last console we will buy? Will internet speeds be fast enough to stream all games in 6 years?...
Conzul  +   917d ago
Not to mention that having a console is FUN.
I *like* that big black obelisk under my HDTV.
yesterday the ps4 logo was front page of amazon! Marketing is better already!
Gimmemorebubblez  +   917d ago
Is it just me or is every corporation setting their sights on "World Domination"

I think if Sony wants to dominate the gaming space they need to conserve cash for 2014 and 2015 because that is when EA looses the NFL and Fifa licenses. If Sony can buy those licenses then they will gain a huge edge over MS. They also need to ensure that NONE of their Movies and Music content is available on MS's console.
MikeMyers  +   917d ago
Well for the first time Sony is actually listening to developers all around the world with the help of designing the PS4. Sony needed to stop making decisions based out of Japan from a Japanese perspective. I support the notion Japan is still very important but it can't be it's main focus. Not when sales are far grater outside of that country.

The PS4 is off to a great start from what I've seen so far. Microsoft is still the wild card.
akaakaaka  +   917d ago
that good news! I hope FIFA goes to KONAMI!
they deserve it!!

I love Sony but sport should be played by anyone not only one console..
I will love if Konami goes exclusive o P and PS4 but is not fair for other gamers..

FIFA should go for a third party plus i bet fifa force whoever has their license to make the game for every console possible including cell phones and Sony or M$ can't do that.
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KingofGambling  +   917d ago
I think baseball is good enough for Sony.
momthemeatloaf  +   917d ago
Just my opinion but Killzone, infamous and knack are not strong enough titles to even sell a console let alone take over Microsoft.
GribbleGrunger  +   917d ago
With respect I think you are wrong there. Knack is an unknown IP so I'd have to agree with you on that, but KZ and Infamous will sell many consoles ... trust me. And the list of replies you get baring this out will attest to that.
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Omni-Tool  +   917d ago
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will sell consoles. Granted I will have a PS4 at launch. I'm already working my schedule around to possibly take a week off during this holiday season for the launch. I am in full support for sony and I want them to continue making great products.
IAmTheBest35  +   917d ago
sony first party titles have trouble selling though.. at least they have for this past generation.
IK IR Y IP T  +   917d ago
For one killzone is generic and garbage period infamous is a very good ip, Lets get real here knack looks like a garbage Katamari rip off. But i will say this the reason I gravitated towards the xbox was because of sony being cheap not adding cross game chat,The generic cross media bar is a joke and xbox live is ten times better hands down,But now I am very satisfied with the new ui pictures that have been released and I know the ps4 will be great but im pist sony promised me the ps3 was going to last 10 yrs thats why I dropped 600 at launch for it and the system has been a paper weight ever since besides the few times I played the first party games which only lasted for no more then 12 hrs.So with all that said and done I will get a ps4 but not at launch no way but microsoft is not sweating sony at all they actually made money off the 360 unlike sony still hasn't made a dime off the ps3.Reguardless as gamers I think we are about to experience the best year in gaming since the super nintendo launched and if anybody is worried its nintendo !
xursz  +   917d ago
This guy doesn't have a clue what generic means.^
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Genuine-User  +   917d ago
Your opinion is pure ignorance "in my opinion" lol
clintagious650  +   917d ago
Im guessing u think kinect 2.0 will do better? Just saying because lately ms hasnt really had anything to brag about besides halo 4 & gears. Not really much of a powerhouse unless u include their phat wallet as games lol.
Evil-snuggles  +   917d ago
amen clintagious650 even wii let go of motion sensor crap it's just a gimmick fad microscam are doubling down on kinect and kinect does not improve game play at all
clintagious650  +   917d ago

Yeah i mean im just being honest & u can throw in the wii in there aswell. It might not have the best games that cater to the core but nintendo dishes out new innovative ip's for their fan base all the time. Wii u might have a slow start but u can bet when the next zelda and most of nintendos other exclusives hit the system will start selling very well.

I just hope when MS reveals its nextbox that they show 2 or 3 new ip's for their core audience cause i will be disappointed if they show 2 or 3 new kinect games & 1 new ip. That would show me that they are ditching the core base in favor of kinect. Lets hope thats not the case.
Evil-snuggles  +   917d ago
clintagious650 i agree shigeru miyamoto is a genius the problem with nintendo is there lack of software from third party developers i don't think the wii u can recover is consoles cycle the wii u is to underpowered third party developers are already jumping ship it's the new dreamcast when p4s and xbox 720 are out and third party developers stop makeing game for ps3 and xbox 360 no more third party games for the wii u it's easy to port games from 360 and ps3 to wii u ps4 and 720 game will be more technically advanced and harder to port to wii u
Seraphemz  +   917d ago
Who is saying that those are the only games that the PS4 will have?? Im sure that by E3, SONY will have a couple more exclusives..

Either way though, Killzone and Infamous are great franchises..
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Kingthrash360  +   917d ago
Wasn't it just yesterday articles were bashing Sony saying they were on the verge of going out of business? Now its "world domination". Lol
squarecircle  +   917d ago
Are you saying a company that is on the verge of collapse can't possibly set their goals on world domination?

Sega did exactly that, they threw everything they could with the Dreamcast as one big last effort, but it simply wasn't enough.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   917d ago
Are you saying that you believe that Sony is in similar situation to SEGA?
fsfsxii  +   917d ago
I thought their losses went from being 3 billion usd to 100 million usd.
How do you explain sony being on the verge of collapse??
Kingthrash360  +   917d ago
No im saying article writers dont know what they are talking about these days. Its like they walk into a conversation hear the last two words ....then write an article about it.
Genuine-User  +   917d ago
I shall help Sony dominate by buying the playstation 4 and most of its exclusive titles.
nitrogav  +   917d ago
Sony need to release the ps4 in the USA and UK first this time . Dont leave UK until last region next time .
Genuine-User  +   917d ago
I hope so.
first1NFANTRY  +   917d ago
In my opinion, with the level of AAA and award winning games Sony has released this console gen, I'm actually dumbfounded as to how they haven't dominated.

I guess ignorance truly is bliss. Oh and the American media played their role nicely on convincing the IGNorant that 360 is better.

It's just funny how IGN and other notorious M$ loving websites are now all of a sudden praising the ps4. I think their scared of next gen and are trying to get into ps gamers good books.

One very important feature people seem to forget is the ability to TRY any game for free via Gaikai before purchasing and sharing/recommending it to friends. This will bring the death of reviews and IGN knows that. There will be no need for people to rely on reviews.

There will be no more skewed comparison videos and review bias because players will be able to play the games themselves without having some biased moron who lacks the basic skills needed to complete a game telling them it isn't good enough.

The death of biased journalism is at an inevitable end and Sony will paved the way with their sharing and broadcasting technologies.
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Seraphemz  +   917d ago
"I guess ignorance truly is bliss. Oh and the American media played their role nicely on convincing the IGNorant that 360 is better. "

You are 100% right there. PS3 have consistenly done amazing at bringing amazing games. I mean the PS4 is coming out this hiliday and they still are bringing out Beyond and The Last of Us this year as well....
Conzul  +   917d ago
4th paragraph
So true....that didn't occur to me.
IAmTheBest35  +   917d ago
sony didnt dominate because their marketing was terrible, and they were out of touch with gamers unlike nintendo and microsoft.
Bumpmapping  +   917d ago
Yes they where out of touch with casual gamers. Sony stuck with core gamers giving us the best and highest rated games this generation.
IAmTheBest35  +   917d ago
@bumpmapping (why am i not able to reply to you?)

what games are you referring to? nintendo also has some of the highest rated games this generation too..

your perspective on what is going on is obviously warped. you believe sony stuck with the core, so when they came out with the move, im sure you were leaping for joy clamoring for how sony stuck with the core while ms and ninty are catering to casuals with their motion sensing devices, right? they give you the best games this generation, but theyre the only company whose first party titles sell like complete SHIT.

sony did good with the things that they have announced the past year, maybe two years, but seriously dude, theyve been asleep this entire generation. open your eyes.
Killzoner99  +   917d ago
Oh yah, the PS4 will dominate , guaranteed . Thats just what Sony does , they dominate everything they try. I expect to see PS2 numbers and higher with this thing.
JamieL  +   917d ago
PS3 didn't dominate shit, and you better check the TV side of Sonys business before you claim "Thats just what Sony does , they dominate everything they try." LOL ask their stockholders how true that is right now, pure fanboy drivel, nothing more. But I do have to ask, how does it feel to be a super hero? How and when did you acquire all the powers of a boring commercial?
Jamaicangmr  +   917d ago
Good and interesting read, nice going IGN.
Clarence  +   917d ago
Yep. Why settle for bragging rights for 1 country, like someone we know of, when you can dominate WW.
Evil-snuggles  +   917d ago
microscam are going to hang themselves there obsession with kinect is suicide they want to appeal to casual gamers but they will alienate the hardcore gamers m$ wants to be the next wii but most of the casual gamers 2013 have smart phones and tables now the game are 99cent-$5.00 and they don't have to buy a game console they are using resources on kinect that they should be using to build a better xbox 720
Vickistheman  +   917d ago
The PS4 is looking damn good so far but let's not count out MS or Nintendo.

MS and Ninty have deep pocket books, and I doubt they're just gonna let Sony walk all over them.

Just like the PS4 is to Sony, the XB720 is absolutely integral to MS's "living room" strategy and company future.
brave27heart  +   917d ago
Nintendo is after a different market. Sony and MS are playing Football Nintendo is playing Tennis. Not better or worse, just different. Nintendo want to be everyones second console and the primary choice of the casual.
josephayal  +   917d ago
it will sell like PS2 or betta
arbitor365  +   917d ago
nintendo and microsoft got a lucky break last gen, after 10 long years of unparalleled sony domination in the console market.

now things will return to how they should be. the PS4 will crush the competition.
cedaridge  +   917d ago
I just want to see what Microsoft got cooking. Either way I'm gettin both PS4 & the next XBOX.
SDF Repellent  +   917d ago
Me to, I will also add in a wii u when a 3D Mario, Metroid, and Zelda are released.
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DivineAssault  +   917d ago
sony is about to unleash its fury.. Some great vita games coming starting with soul sacrifice, along with a world wide price drop (since japan got it), great new features, more PS3 exclusives incoming, & PS4! World domination is right!

This was the worst game generation imo.. Tho it brought the HD/network revolution, the games felt hollow & incomplete.. Developers relied to heavily on patching buggy games & dlc that mostly sucked! This new generation is going to be MUCH better.. Consoles are built more like PCs so there wont be so many problems developing & theyre going to be built to handle much more network functionality.. Same coding for multiplat sofware
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Neo-Axl  +   917d ago
I already have it all mentally mapped for my PS4 purchase, if the UK doesn't get shifted to a 2014 release.. I'll have a PS4, Killzone, Watch Dogs & InFamous launch day (if they aren't sold out that is) My brother will also getting a special treat for christmas, a PS4!

Sony just don't shift the UK release behind any other releases, I have been saving cash every week since the reveal.

7 years has gone so fast, PS3 did me justice & will continue to do so, but I'm ready for the next PlayStation now :)

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