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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - First Official Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "The Witcher fans, get ready for a treat. CD Projekt RED has unveiled the first screenshots of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. According to the company, these shots are from an early build of the game and – ironically – looks better than most current triple-A titles. The Witcher 3 looks beautiful, and we can’t wait to see it in action. The game is planned for a 2014 release on PC and next-generation consoles. Enjoy!"

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Community1912d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
john21912d ago

This is new, straight from CDPR. You are obviously referring to the scanned images from GameInformer that were full of compression errors. These are proper, HD direct shots, not scanned ones

sobekflakmonkey1912d ago

Hmmnn....well am I the only one who doesn't really think The Witcher 2 or 3 looks that great :S

landog1912d ago


the witcher 1 from 2007 looks better than anything ever released on ps3, literally

the witcher 2 looks better than anything shown at the ps4 conferance on 2-20, literally

the witcher 3 on pc, will look better and run better than any game that EVER comes out on ps4/nextbox

yes, you are the only one

you also probably think heavy rain looked good;

lol...literally pc games from 2004 (9 years ago) look better than that

Gamer-401912d ago

Sad, Witcher 2 much better visuals.

JsonHenry1912d ago

The effects of console-ification..

undercovrr1912d ago

Yes you're right. Why do those blasted console users get to enjoy the same great product we PC user do? Why can't we have the game selfishly to ourselves? Damn consoles!

ShugaCane1912d ago

Keep in mind that it's an open world game.

Gamer-401912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Yes, i know.
But this game Skyrim atmospheres, all winter.
I dont like. Maybe skip this game.
W2 most colorful graphics and better quality.

ILive1912d ago

You haven't even seen the game in motion. This is an old build of the game. Idiotic comments...cant stand them.

Gamer-401912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

@ILive + 8m ago

My one favorite games The Witcher series, but why idiotic comments?
This game all winter and Skyrim atmospheres..i dont like this.

Look this W2:

And this W3:

No colours, true Skyrim atmospheres and all winter, that's my huge problem. I dont like Skyrim copy..

Nate-Dog1911d ago

Plus the RED engine isn't finished is it? I'm sure it'll look a whole lot better once it's done and the game is ready for release.

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Christopher1912d ago

Looks good enough for me. Now, if it plays as well as the past Witcher games, that's all I care about. It can look like a Wii game for all I care.

aliengmr1912d ago

My worry is whether they can pull off an open world.

fossilfern1912d ago

This isn't even the final render. Thesr shots are used with the W2 engine I believe

SlapHappyJesus1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


It's funny.
Games is what console people always use to attack PC players when PC people talk about visuals.

"Yeah. It looks good, but can you play <insert game here>, <insert game here> or <insert game here>? No? That's because you need a <insert console here>.

When PC people are a little annoyed because they see possible regression, not progression, from a series that is now, from day one, going to also release on console. Is that not something worth bringing up and, yes, be a little annoyed with?
Tell you what, being that Nintendo felt a little left out, the next Halo and Uncharted are now going to be on the original Wii as well. Oh, being that this time around they feel like catering the games to the Wii system and not the ones that will produce the best results, you are now going to have to play the games in nothing more than 480p and the texture work is going to be terrible by comparison. But hell, more people get to play. Win-Win for absolutely everyone involved, right?

It's still an impressive looking game, but it's not really anything much different than what we got with the Witcher 2. Haven't seen the game in motion, so I can't really comment until then. Witcher 2 on Ultra is still a sight to see though, really.


Chill a bit, broski. I know you feel also cozy protected by the anonymity of a computer screen, but try and respect people's opinions, eh?
Also, funnily enough, you didn't grasp the actual intent of my post, either. While everything I said holds true, it was more a direct response to undercovrr than anything. Doesn't hold my view on how the game will probably turn out.
That said, we still don't know whether we are looking at console images or PC images. I would think, and what is normally true, that they would be featuring the game at its best, on the most powerful platform. CDProjekt, everything said and done, is a pc-centric developer. And I think (hope) they hold true to that and deliver a stellar experience, not bogged down by console tech. The game is still impressive, but any indication of "consolification" is not going to be met with much praise.

ILive1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Again, another stupid comment. Who says the Witcher 3s pc version will take a hit because its coming to the ps4 and next xbox? I am pretty sure the pc wil be lead since both consoles are essentially like pcs. I have no doubt that cd project will not make any visual sacrifices for the pc version. It will look stunning across all platforms. Pc will obviously be the best version. The game is also using a new engine.

Really, dude. You gave him a bubble for an idiotic comment?

Kietz1912d ago

+1 bubble for me as well.

What you say holds true, really. We don't know what images we are looking at, but developers really never show a game running on the weaker of the hardware. Not for popular PC title, anyway.
I think CDProjekt will do well by PC gamers, but we will have to wait and see.
It wouldn't be the first time a move to console has weakened a release.

aliengmr1912d ago

As I understand it those are images from the PC using the old renderer. The new renderer was being worked on at the time.

ILive1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )


I apologize. I tend to see many comments that just don't seem valid, even though they are "opinions." If the game is released and/or is just about to be released, then I wouldn't have commented. There tends to be a lot of comments geared towards unfinished products on NG4 that you just open can't help but shake your head at. I didn't say your comment is "idiotic" because I am "hiding behind a computer;" just how i felt. I have no problem respecting anybody's opinion as long as its worth respecting. Not all opinions fall into that category unfortunately.

Again, I apologize. I didnt see your comment was geared towards another person.

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SatanSki1912d ago

Looks ok, but not so much for next gen tittle

aliengmr1912d ago

Really? Your standards are that high?

Next-gen consoles aren't even released yet and you can look at a couple of screens from an unfinished game and deem them unworthy for next-gen systems you don't have?


landog1912d ago

dude, he saw that deep down trailer of fake gameplay with 3 people in a tiny room and now thinks every next gen game is going to look like

SatanSki1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Why should my stadards be lower? Becouse you are satisfied with less? No, thank you. For me playing games is just waste of time i happen to like. I read books, ride a motorcycle, play guitar, go to pubs and have a faimily. I dont have to play games and wont be satisfied with medicority.

EDIT: And if thats all PS4 is capable of doing, which i doubt, Sony fanboys will have hard time with PC crowd laughing at their "supercharged", precious systems.

adonisisfree1911d ago

These screenshots are extremely underwhelming, they should of waited until their game was a little more polished, halo 4 released screenshots a year before it was finished and it honestly looked like a next gen launch title. So im sorry man but there's no excuse for these Witcher 2.5 caliber screenshots

Nate-Dog1911d ago

This is on the Witcher 2's engine, not the new RED engine which TW3 and Cyberpunk 2077 will be using.

undercovrr1912d ago

This is open world ppl, it can't have the same visual as Witcher 2.

turgore1912d ago

But it will. Now its in the very early stages. Same graphics as witcher 2 AND open world.

GABRIEL10301912d ago

Great¡¡ an open world, the game need mucho polish but it's a great IP and It's in early stages of development, looks good.

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