Rambo: The Video Game Action Imagery Revealed

Rambo: The Video Game is an upcoming first-person shooter title from Reef Entertainment based on the Rambo movie series. Last year, the game got introduced with a few environmental images, now Rambo is getting a fresh update with two action concepts.

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Ron661908d ago

Something tells me this is going to be another Aliens coloniel marines.

porkChop1908d ago

You know, if there's one movie that would be perfect for a video game it's Rambo. Make it a TPS, give it some decent controls, a cover system, destructible environments, survival elements,, a working stealth system, etc. Get Sly to do the voice, and have his likeness in the game. And give it some fun multiplayer. That right there would be perfect, and would probably sell very well. I would love that.

However, according to comments on the games Facebook page, this isn't really an FPS. It's an On-Rails Shooter. Lost all my excitement when I read that. Such a great license, and they completely wasted it.

Axecution1908d ago

It's on-rails?
...kaaaaaaaaaaaaay :/

You know, actually, i haven't played a rails game in a loooong time. Probably like, House of the Dead 3. ...if they do it well it could be fun, and to be honest im getting kinda sick of FPS games.

SilentNegotiator1908d ago

On-rails? That would be about as much of an insult as the Superman games.

madduey1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

You got a link to the Facebook page can't seem to find it?!! Cheers

Never mind! Found it :)

DevilishSix1908d ago

It looks good graphicly. Are those bull shots or actual in game images is my question.

Senyra1908d ago

Think it's screenshots but they didn't specify sorry.

slapsta721908d ago

goty. calling it now.


SDF Repellent1908d ago

I still got a NES cartridge copy of the first Rambo game. It was a blast to play back in the days.

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