Capcom: Resident Evil and Street Fighter would restrict us on PS4

Yoshinori Ono explains to MCV why new IP's like Deep Down are more preferable to PS4 at the moment than Next-Gen sequels.

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Walker1910d ago

Resident Evil 2-3 Remake with Deep Down's Graphics Engine would be truly scary !

Wizziokid1910d ago

That is actually an awesome idea!

NewMonday1910d ago

or Dino Crisis, just replace the dragon with Dinosaurs.

PS: Is it me or dose that guy in the pic(from the Deep Down demo) look like Steve Ballmer

sobekflakmonkey1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I think they should re-make RE:Outbreak.

dolkrak1910d ago

OMG Deep Down MS exclusive featuring Ballmer confirmed !!!

Then again, the demo was on PS4

OMG PS4 = Xbox 720 twist confirmed !!!

zeee1909d ago

^ Watcha smoking bro?

DOMination-1909d ago

The guy from deep down looks exactly like Zaeed Massani.

LOL_WUT1909d ago

If what they showed off of Deep Down is true, of being in it's early stages then i'm totally hyped for the final product. ;)

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wishingW3L1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

just let go of old experiences. Those games were good for their time but that doesn't mean that they'll be just as good now because of a graphical overhaul. That's just nostalgia speaking.

EbeneezerGoode1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

In your opinion! If you don't like it - in the words of Cliffy B, then don't play it.

Those of us who would like to play it, great games done justice graphically with advances in tech, why be selfish?

I'm sure they can remake them and make new games too?

Resi 1 remake on Gamecube was beautiful, and I loved the original on Playstation 1.

And btw 'dungeons and dragons' bore me senseless - does that make me want Capcom to abandon 'deep down' even though there are people out there who like all that dungeon shit? 8-)

EbeneezerGoode1910d ago

The gamecube remake of Resi 1 was brilliant, remake the lot for PS4 on this engine and get back the old Resi spirit. Would sell loads!

Chris5581910d ago

Btw dragons bore you but totally overused zombies not? Haha

EbeneezerGoode1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )


AM sick to the ball bag with zombie games (TV and Movies too).

However creepy mansions, realistic atmosphere and a sense of 'this could really be happening to me' does NOT bore me.

A good game based around dragons/dungeons I'm sure would be fun. All I said was the general theme of all that medieval stuff is not my preference. Am not stopping anyone else enjoying it (and said that too!).

Knights, Dragons, castles etc... honestly I glaze over.

Zombies? yes they are overdone these days, but resident evil is fine with them as that is what the game is! So long as the atmosphere is there the zombies are almost secondary to the exploring, thinking, fear and immersive aspects.

It was the non zombies in RE games that really bring the horror anyway.

j-blaze1910d ago

Capcom Japan means awesome!

MariaHelFutura1910d ago

I think this a perfect opportunity for them to bring RE back to form.

doogiebear1909d ago

If u think a graphics engine will fix RE than your dead wrong. They need to fix the team/staff making these terrible RE games. IF they put the makers of RE Revelations on a new RE game, with Panta Rhei's engine, THEN maybe we could get a new RE game that doesn't suck (gameplay wise).

BertlSenix1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

The team is fine.
The community they made the games are for is not.
Revelations was made for a Japanese Community and didn't suck.
Everything else was made for idiots aka Xbox/CoD/Halo people and they sucked....COINCIDENCE!!!NOT!
Sames goes for SquareEnix

Capcom said themself they want to get the attention of the CoD/Xbox Community and changed their style to suit those "players"
As it looks they are back on the Sony train after one more realized people on the 360 don't care for anything else than their yearly copy+paste shooters.
If they go 100% Sony and 100% Japanese Community/Taste(cause western people liked those games cause they were Japanese and not westernized) and develop games for the people who made them big Resident Evil and other franchises could come back insanely big.
Same goes btw for SqaureEnix - Xbox destroyed Final Fantasy in just one Gen after 2 Japanese Companies(Nintendo and Sony) made them big over 4 Gens.
People don't care for Call of Duty Fantasy Hallway "RPG".
They want their Japanese Final Fantasy and SE Franchises.

MariaHelFutura1909d ago

No, I don't think its because of the graphics. It's because capcom have said they intend to do that, its a new gen and it's a powerful system. It's just a good time to try it, if that is really what they intend to do.... hopefully they follow through on their aspirations.

Max-Zorin1909d ago

Without Shinji, and Capcom's ''DLC'' scams, I don't think there is any hope for RE.

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IAmLee1909d ago

Oh dear god. Dino Crisis.. i'd give my left ball for that :')

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NastyLeftHook01910d ago

@newmonday, yeah dino crisis! love that game, very underrated.

MasterCornholio1910d ago

Dining Crisis was fantastic however Dino Crisis 2 was too arcadey for my tastes.

Motorola RAZR i

stuntman_mike1909d ago

yeah the silver service on Dining Crisis was disappointing.

clintagious6501910d ago

Wouldve been nice to see a new Onimusha. Loved all the Onimusha games.

Arai1910d ago

Totally agree with this, remake the original Onimusha in true 1080p/60fps glory.

Next-gen is shaping up nicely, wish it would be November already.

fei-hung1910d ago

Until you end up with Ninja Theory remaking Onimusha in western style with Samanosuke being a modern day Samurai resembling Justin Bieber, who has a mobile phone which collect Oni souls (instead of the Gauntlet) and the Genma Lord becomes someone like the CEO of Foxconn.

wenaldy1910d ago

Ahhh.. Now that you mention it, i really miss Kaneshiro played as Samanosuke.

clintagious6501910d ago

I loved them all. Jubei, Samanosuke, & Soki. Loved all 3 of them. =]

miyamoto1910d ago

PS4 is now the "Big Easy" of gaming.

abzdine1910d ago

Give me some Maximo with Deep Down graphics!

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