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Submitted by RetroGam3r 1077d ago | news

Authenticity Guaranteed In Rambo The Video Game

Reef Entertainment today announced that RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME will feature the original movie voice-tracks of John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) and Col. Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna) in their definitive game on the world famous series of movies. (PC, PS3, Rambo, Xbox 360)

ab5olut10n  +   1077d ago
" kill, PERIOD. Win by attrition."

first blood is a classic.
Fishermenofwar  +   1077d ago
solidboss  +   1077d ago
Too bad the game is on rails, if you want a "Rambo" fix just buy far cry 3
hazelamy  +   1077d ago
better yet, just watch the actual films. ^_^

seriously, in the last one he ripped a guy in half with a minigun, it was frakking awesome. ^_^
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hazelamy  +   1077d ago
yeah, because that's a guarantee of quality. o_O

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