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Crytek's CEO Admits That Crysis 3 Was Limited By Current-Generation Consoles

DSOGaming writes: "Well, we already knew that Crysis 2 and 3 were limited by its consoles counterparts. Still, it’s good to see companies admitting that, and here comes today Cevat Yerli who stated that even Crysis 3 was limited by current-generation consoles." (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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dazzrazz  +   952d ago
I guess you can admit something after release date and when its not selling like hot cakes !
kaozgamer  +   951d ago
yes crytek. use the the current generation consoles excuse as always...
jimbobwahey  +   951d ago
They really are a whiny bunch over at Crytek. Excuse after excuse for repeatedly putting out crappy and underwhelming games that get blown away by other first person shooters.

They should give up on constantly trying to pimp their rubbish CryEngine too, nobody will touch it since there's so many vastly superior engines out there to use instead.
SephirothX21  +   951d ago
The engine isn't rubbish. The game design is the problem. Technically, Crysis 3 is great but disappointing in terms of gameplay. Use the CryEngine 3 sdk and you will see how powerful it is. Takes a while to learn how to code for it though.
cayleee  +   951d ago
Crytek are retarted. You cant max out the Cell. I am suprised Sony didnt use it in PS4. All they had to do was unlock one more core, overclock the Cell and we would have been set for another 7 years.
Aggesan  +   951d ago
PC gamers should be happy we console gamers sponsor the development of the games. Without consoles there would hardly be any AAA games for PC.
The_Infected  +   951d ago
He blames it on consoles. Well why can Naughty Dog do a better job on a console than you can? Your game doesn't shine on a console and ND games look far better. Where's all that talent Crytek?
kaozgamer  +   951d ago
im not saying that the graphics is rubbish. yes I know how powerful cryengine 3 is...i've done some work with cryengine before.
graphics may have been limited by current gen but you cant use the same excuse for that boring generic gameplay...
onyoursistersback  +   951d ago
Crysis 1 is great!!! 2 and 3 are boring!!!!!!!!!!!

They should focuse and use that sick looking engine on a better game, "Timesplitters!!"
frelyler  +   951d ago

You just tried to call someone RETARDED and you spelled it retarted, I haven't not laughed that hard in a long time. Ah, American educational system, just have to love it.
badz149  +   951d ago
seriously, F you Crytek
I'm tired listening to these whiny SOB every time they have a game to sell! Seriously, you can just eff off from the freaking consoles that seems like you are hating on them so much and just stay away!...like FOREVER! nobody ask for your tech demo on consoles but after being the biggest sellout that you are by making console ports, you're saying your game is limited by the consoles?!

you do know how much it takes for a pc to be able to run your game on its highest setting and you guys are poor at optimization and it has been proven! You made 3 games...THREE games for currrent gen consoles but you're already the whiniest bunch of tools on the market! oh...and btw, consoles don't limit your game to the short 5 hours campaign! you guys were just too busy putting the extra polish on the nanosuit butt and forgot to actually put CONTENTS in your game!
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chaos-lockheart  +   951d ago
it's not selling like hot cakes cause its not on steam
omi25p  +   951d ago
Limited? I thought the game was brilliant. I didn't really enjoy crysis 2 but i loved this one. Thought it had a great ending too.
3-4-5  +   951d ago
Every dev was limited by current gen.

And every dev didn't settle for making this crap. We actually got good games from people who were allotted less time and money.
Wizziokid  +   952d ago
"So if it were PC only, could we have done more things? Certainly, yes.”

So why don't you stop being lazy and give the PC version more? basically admitting that you limit your PC titles isn't the best move to attract fans.
iistuii  +   951d ago
They have graphics wise. If you play the PC version it looks incredible, & I don't know anybody yet who can honestly max it out, & I mean honestly. Ive a GTX 680 & cant nowhere near max it out. Yet it still looks impressive.
Ashunderfire86  +   951d ago
I got a GTX690 on Alienware with all high settings on Crysis 3 and the highest anti aliasing settings. I don't know but I think I just Max the game out lol!!! And it's running smoothly seriously.
chaos-lockheart  +   951d ago

that things like $1000 lol, you loaded. I can get a ps4 and like 10 games with that
givemeshelter  +   951d ago
Exactly. They could have made it the way it is for consoles and given more to the PC format.
DigitalSmoke  +   951d ago
No they limited themselfs by putting all the efford in close texture details.
If they put less attention to the close quarters stuff, they could have easily do an openworld Crysis 1 type shooter.

Just look at Farcry 3.
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Hellsvacancy  +   951d ago
I wonder what excuses theyll have next gen?
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steve30x  +   951d ago
They will probably complain that theres not enough ram even though theres plenty of ram available lol
Devs are not gonna make a pc game way way different than consoles. It has happened this whole gen. Excluding bf3 and metro..

Consoles where most of the $$$ at for devs.

Yerli must make lots of console cash to keep holding back pc.

54 million steam users and most games high end games don't even hit 2million sales. Mean while minecraft and diablo sell over 10 million. Sales is what holds pc back not consoles.

Though EA the business pc gamers hate made $250 million from pc shooters and f2p games hence bf3 pushing pc and making C&C f2p. Everything else not much.

Now that next gen consoles are here crytek games may look at good as deep down I hope.

The most successful pc games are cartoony mmos though.
Pc holds back pc also. I think this why valve never push graphics. Portal 2 can run on a calculator = more sales.

If you spend $1000+ on a high end pc just to run console ports then good for you.

My $700 pc is fine running games at 50fps 1650x1050, high settings.

I won't invest much in pc until pc games are 70% of the time pc lead platform.

It wouldn't be surprised to see #Dylila in here to compare it to killzone.
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ExCest  +   951d ago
Valve doesn't push graphics because they WANT their stuff to run on on a microwave.

They also said they were in the process of Source Engine 2.

I don't exactly disagree with you. Just throwing this out.
abzdine  +   951d ago
Crysis 3 is a bad date in a fancy hotel.
Dont blame the hotel for your ugly date.
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monkeyfox  +   951d ago
Yeah ok crytek.....
Kaiou  +   951d ago
Crysis is a "showroom" to promote the cry engine 3 , nothing more.
majiebeast  +   951d ago
Crytek is like a teenager its never their fault its always somebody else's.
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InTheLab  +   951d ago
Farcry 3 was not limited by consoles and neither was Crysis 2 or 3. Talented devs with vision made Facry 3 a success and the lack of talent and vision is why the entire Farcry franchise is a generic alien invasion story with nice graphics...
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InTheLab  +   951d ago

*Is why the entire Crysis Franchise*

Farcry is awesome....
SlyFamous02  +   951d ago
The only limitation is your ability to be creative.
Kennytaur  +   951d ago
So when they said it wasn't limited pre-release...? God I'm getting sick of wining Crytek.
clintagious650  +   951d ago
Its simple create the pc version then go to consoles. Man these guys use every excuse in the book lol.
Bryan574  +   951d ago
Crytek's CEO also admitted that the sky is blue.
AdmiralSnake  +   951d ago
They should'v just catered to the PC crowd first, such a lame excuse. I'm not even a PC gamer and I find this excuse a load of BS.

We already KNOW consoles is inferior to the PC tech wise, you really limited yourself, the PC version should'v been the best version period and put all the effort you can, but ehh w.e Crytek. I didn't buy the game anyway and probably never will.
Crystallis  +   951d ago
Totally agree. Or just create Crysis 3 for the PC only and go all out. No, they want the extra cash on console and then they complain "Crysis 3 Was Limited By Current-Generation Consoles", then release your game on PC only, "but but we want the extra cash" , then shut up. I hate it when these developers complain about something they have total control over by releasing Crysis on PC only.
PersonMan  +   951d ago
I'll admit... I bought the game just to use the crossbow. Other than that... it's pretty bleh.
Eldyraen  +   951d ago
Then you must want your money back as no crossbow in C3. It does however have a bow ;)
PersonMan  +   951d ago
Sorry... my bad.
Eldyraen  +   951d ago
NP, it happens. I really like the bow too though.
jut420  +   951d ago
Two weeks ago..."Crysis 3 will look as good as Next-Gen launch titles"

Today..."Our game was limited by current-gen hardware"

that's weird just a few weeks ago you gave us the impression that your team took the game to the next level.
SlavisH2  +   951d ago
“Could we have afforded a budge to make a game like Crysis 3 PC only? No. People have to understand that this is a journey of give and take.”
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   951d ago
These dudes always have an excuse why there games fail to live up to the hype that they create!!! SMH Hey Crytek just deal with it CRISIS will always be a average FPS period!!!!
Ashunderfire86  +   951d ago
Crysis was a financial crisis. Sorry had to say that lol!!!
EbeneezerGoode  +   951d ago
Crysis one on PC wasn't average at all! not at all! in fact it was far from average FPS,the most empowering and open and immersive FPS of all time.

It is SINCE the console versions (C2) that they have become more and more generic.

Story really didn't matter in Crysis 1, so we never really moaned about it too much, why? because the gameplay was frugging amazing that's why! so much fun!

Now it's all gone overly story/scripted/blah blah based... and more linear, it's showing how bad it's writing and characters are.

Crytek never should have abandoned Crysis 1 style, it really put them on the map and made them the envy of many studios and the heroes to many PC gamers.. they went after the money and couldn't cut in the more 'restrained' world of Console FPS and have paid the price.

When I go to my PS3 I play Uncharted, Killzone etc.. console games done right. Crysis is a sub par mess on consoles because they don't have the power to realise the original (crysis one) vision with the same kind of graphical detail that was pretty important to immersion.

They lost the plot sadly.

Anyone who says Crysis one was a bad game to PLAY hasn't played it for more than 10 minutes or on a really slow system. It's story/characters etc are poor yes, but it plays well and looks great - that is what games should be, not wanna be linear movies (a good story is fine if you can pull it off - ie Half Life 2)
forum67  +   951d ago
CEO - Lets make a FPS with awesome graphics and great gameplay -> Crysis was born.

CEO - I want money.Make this game for console.Lets focus on marketing and less on gameplay.(Hires Hans Zimmer for music,Inon Zur was much better IMO) -> Crysis 2 was born

CEO - I want more money !! -> Crysis 3

I miss this theme :( -> http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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solar  +   951d ago
That's why when gaming went mainstream i knew it would never be the same :(
Coach_McGuirk  +   951d ago
Plagasx  +   951d ago
Wtf?? Wasn't Cevat just recently boasting about how this is a next gen game? etc

He says one thing and then another...
lovegames718  +   951d ago
Every time they release another boring generic cry sis game on consoles they say the same deal. I was a fool and bought cry sis 2 but didn't fall for their deal this time, Too much talking like this and all the best graphics talk on console that never was true is the reason I def. don't buy this garbage. I was glad when digital foundry compared kz3 to Cry sis 2 and it wiped the floor with it in performance, as well as visuals.
-Gespenst-  +   951d ago
Tired of game companies doing this. Being honest and noble would actually encourage me to buy your game to support you. Why the lies?
topgeareasy  +   951d ago
atron73  +   951d ago
Ahh, we couldn't tell a good story with this fantastic game engine, so it must be someone else's fault(gamers, consoles, global warming). I'm disappointed with game developers who can't see the forest for the trees. DX11 and textures don't make a good game. I of course support the Crysis franchise, as a pc gamer for a over a decade I have always been "next-gen" and while I love graphics benchmarks as much as the next guy, why can't games be fun and entertaining as well? Instead of worrying about the breaking the mold with graphics, why not think outside of the box with gameplay?
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GABRIEL1030  +   951d ago
Crysis 3 isn't epic, because Crytek is wasting their time and resources answering interviews, launching opinions, making promises of future gaming, showing technical demos and saying the incredible power of their graphical engine Cryengine 3......no more words Crytek and back to work ¡¡¡
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Riderz1337  +   951d ago
I wonder what their excuse will be on next gen consoles. Should be a funny one.
ATi_Elite  +   951d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race
Crysis PC, 3.5 million units sold even though EVERYONE had to buy a new PC to run it! The game was awesome.

Crysis Warhead PC, 1.65m

but Crytek thinks Crysis should do Halo numbers so they BASH PC Gamers with the same ole Piracy Rant and Crytek then begins kissing consoles butts.

Crysis 2, 2.3 million ps3/360 COMBINED.......So WHAT happened Crytek? The Game was linear Crap!

Crysis 2 PC 1.5m Even though PC Gamers had to wait a while for a duct taped on DX11 patch, 1.5m is not bad sales for being absolutely pooped on by Crytek.

Crysis 3 500K combined on all 3 platforms after a week cause the Game was RUSHED and is not worth $60

So now that Consolers have shown NO LOVE to Crytek after Crytek kissed their BUTTS now Crytek wants to now Diss the consolers with all this "consoles limited Crysis 3" talk.

Crytek has proven themselves to have NO RESPECT for Gamers and they will disrespect Gamers the first chance they get.

Cryteks best work is behind them as they will never make anything as awesome as Crysis and FarCry again because Crytek is in bed with EA and EA only wants MONEY with NO Vision of creativity!

Also Crytek is full of Poop!

Crysis 3 $66m to make LOL
Star Citizen will not cost anywhere close to $66m to make and it will be running on the CryEngine 3 and be a million times Bigger than Crysis 3 and have the same level of Graphics.

So a big middle Finger to Crytek!
isarai  +   951d ago
So let me get this straight, you talk a big game, saying all this shit that the linearity was a design choice to widen the audience and make it more accessible, but then when it sells like shit, it's not because it's a shitty game it's because "the consoles made you do it" even though crysis 1 was done on consoles, sure some sacrifices needed to be made but it doesn't change the fact that it was accomplished. the only thing that "limited" the game was your backwards mindset of having fancy console graphics rather than focusing on making the game fun
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