Beyond: Two Souls dated for september

Sony´s Spanish executice manager confirms in an interview the launch of Beyond: Two Souls in september and the release of an unknown " big game" in Q4


It seems that the info provided by the Sony's spanish Executive Manager wasn't very accurate. Finally, the game will be launched on the 8th October, as it is being posted in the Official PlayStation Blog:

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Nambassa1992d ago

The sooner it's in my PS3 the better

ArmGunar1992d ago

The same month than GTA V, that's a bad idea ...

But with FIFA, AC4, COD, Next-gen, etc ... fall 2013 is overbooked

Trenta271992d ago

I just finished platinuming Heavy Rain the other day so hearing this news is just fantastic!

SOD_Delta1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Hopefully this is the last big release on PS3. I'd like to sell my PS3 for a cheaper PS4.

@ Minato-Namikaze If that's the case, I hope Gaikai has early success at streaming PS3 games to PS4. If not I'll end up keeping my PS3.

Root1992d ago

I'd rather just wait untill a better version with some DLC makes it's way to the PS4 in the future. I have Drive Club to see me other till then

AngelicIceDiamond1992d ago

That's gonna be the big debate amongst gamers come next gen season. Is to either keep your console, games, controller for a brand new PS4 or 720.

You can sell your PS3 for a PS4. you'll still have gaikai to use for BC. Despite having to pay for it you can still play Beyond 2 Souls through PS4 stream.

But that's only if you can't afford the next gen console right away. That would be a tough choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.