Not a Real Racing 3 review

GamesAsylum: "This article started life as a review, but seeing as Real Racing 3 is less a game and more an attempt at flagrant money grabbing, providing a score would be tricky. Ethically it doesn’t feel right writing a typical review."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Exactly it's all about the Microtransactions:)

"A piece from the article" and it damn well is the truth.

Let’s hope this isn’t the future. We don’t like the idea of a future where games come in a box labelled “Gameplay not included. Fun may cost extra”.

CommonSenseGamer1749d ago

Game itself is average. Certainly looks OK but nothing to keep me going back.

chazjamie1749d ago

"EA think it’s acceptable for a game to be almost unplayable unless you spend money, and they won’t be happy until you spend at least a hundred pounds, preferrably more, or better yet, just setup a monthly direct debit to their account."

What a funny review. This game looks amazing. Just download it to show your friends what your phone can do. Dont let them play it, cause they will destroy you car. Then you have to spend that money. This game should of been something great.

dcbronco1749d ago

I think EA has erred if they believe anyone will pay that much on a mobile game.