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Submitted by bradgrenz 1072d ago | article

PlayStation 4 Promises (Near) Universal Remote Play for Vita

While some may have felt burned in the past by Remote Play promises from Sony, there are good reasons to believe PS4 will finally deliver on that potential (PS Vita, PS4, Sony)

PSVita  +   1073d ago
Remote play with every game,a ps4 bundle and being able to use it as a controller is all Sony need to make the vita sell more like crazy.
Peppino7  +   1072d ago
The vita doesn't need to be a controller. I hate that idea of having to look away from my TV for some information on a tiny screen. The vita itself is great, coupled with remote play is a fantastic option. I don't the like Wii U controller. Its just not for me but it does have some good features. Bundling a vita with every ps4 is going to raise the price by $150 and may stray consumers away. Especially since there's no word on the price. So a $499 ps4 with a vita is going to be over $650, people won't be buying a ps4 now. Just the core gamers would.
jwk94  +   1072d ago
I never understood this whole "hate looking away from the TV" thing. LBP2's cross-controller did this perfectly.
CapsLocke  +   1072d ago
PS Vita, PSP, 3DS, WiiU - all are trash.
insomnium2  +   1072d ago
Ummmm..... ok..?
Truet0ne  +   1072d ago
lol get a grip dick cheese
Canary  +   1072d ago

Sony Exec #1: The Vita isn't selling very well. Consumers seem to be complaining about a lack of games. What should we do?

Sony Exec #2: We can give them some PSP games to play on their Vitas.

...Months Later....

Sony Exec #1: The Vita isn't selling very well. Consumers seem to be complaining about a lack of games. What should we do?

Sony Exec #2: We can give them some PS1 games to play on their Vita.

...Months Later....

Sony Exec #1: The Vita isn't selling very well. Consumers seem to be complaining about a lack of games. What should we do?

Sony Exec #2: We can give them some PS4 games to play on their Vitas.


Sony Exec-san #1: Za fita isunatto seiringu weru. Konsumerusu simu tu bi kompuraeningu abotu a raku ofu gamesu. Watto shoudo wi du?

Sony Exec-san #2: Rokarizu nosingu!
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susanto1228  +   1072d ago
Sony I wouldn't promise anything when it comes to the PSVita you have already broken too many promises
sherimae2413  +   1072d ago
yeah as nintendo promises that the wii u will bring the core gamers back..... what now being outsold by the vita in japan
what do you think might be the case ^_^
tubers  +   1071d ago
And the lesson is; not to bank on any advertised features until it reaches the market with in depth analysis.
Felonycarclub8  +   1072d ago
I would love for the vita to be a second controller as an option for most games ala wii u, I would love it on racing games etc so there is no information being displayed on the tv screen everything would be on the vita:-)
profgerbik  +   1072d ago
Most people talk shit about remote play but it is more than just turning your PS Vita into a controller. Plus it's a feature no one has to use and developers being forced to put it in now, will only leave them more curious to possily do more than just remote play with the Vita and add some cross platform features as well which were lacking in the PS3 also.

Only selfish pricks could only find a reason for this to be a bad thing, I can understand if you don't like it but again you don't have to use it. It is that simple and Sony never has just dropped a system and stopped making games for it so they aren't going to do that simply because developers will have to work on extremely small remote play patches.

I didn't have any use to download Street View on the Wii U because I thought it was just Google maps for Wii U but other than that, I am not going to complain about how it is on the Wii U.. I mean I just don't want to use it or find it that useful but I am sure some will just like Remote Play.

Another thing people don't realize how easy remote play is to implement, anyone who uses it would know remote play patches are ridiculously small, around 35mb files. Yet here people are worried that somehow this is going to put so much stress on developers they won't have time or the resources to make exclusive games or games in general simply because of a remote play patch?

People being dramatic as always.

Look at it like this, imagine being on vacation, you don't have access to Gaikai or your PS4 but you really want to play some PS4 games while you are sitting around in your hotel room. You could if you can get on decent enough Wi-Fi with the right connection.

You could turn your PS4 on remotely from a entirely different location from the Internet and then play or use anything on the PS4, that is the power of remote play if they truly get it working on the PS4 like I think they will.

I mean it is in the name, it isn't called "Remote Controller Play", it's called "Remote Play" for a reason because you can remotely access your PS4 and control the entire device practically from anywhere with a internet connection that you can correctly connect to.

It is more than just streaming a game, you can't take your Wii U gamepad with you on holiday and do that.

With what little remote play features I have used on the PS3, I know it is going to be excellent. I mean it works good enough as it is, add in Gaikai it is going to be ridiculous being able to always have access to your PS4 like that and it's entire library of movies, games and what not.
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a_bro  +   1071d ago
What's crazy about remote play:

The fact that Sony will make money of psn. Downloading your game instead of buying it as a blu-ray for the fact that you want your ps4 collection to be fully accessed through remote play is a big deal for Sony. Don't think I have to say much after writing this.
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minimur12  +   1072d ago
so can we play this on the moon? they say its 'universal'
so we can travel the universe and play my ps4 on remote play?
Truet0ne  +   1072d ago
bradgrenz  +   1071d ago
Thank you quantum entanglement and FTL networks!

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