Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale enters Day 4: Up to 67% off Call of Duty titles

Save on the following Call of Duty titles on Xbox LIVE for the next 24-hours:

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dazzrazz1882d ago

Yes call of duty hacked titles up to 67% cheaper yet i can find all of em even cheaper, but whats the point wasting money...

Aleithian1882d ago

The standard prices on these games are so unrealistic it's laughable. $60 for MW3?

dolkrak1882d ago

Also, 90 % discount on gimped Xbox 720 (*)

(*) Every pack includes a free WiiU too

objdadon1882d ago

Im about to get a wii u, I saw a vid of a guy playing black ops 2 on the gamepad in his room upstairs, hell, my vita can't do that........yet!

Jek_Porkins1882d ago

MS has been having some great sales all week long, I already have these games, but still a good deal for others if they are looking to get into some of the earlier (better) COD games.

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