The best RPGs on PS3 & Vita in 2013 – games to really get lost in

OPM: Here are the best PS3 & Vita RPGs of 2013. Everything from Western to Japanese RPGs make up our best of the year role-playing list. With hundreds of hours of play between them, we’ve this is a gargantuan list that’ll set you up till the next-next generation at the very least.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I stopped at FFXIII-3

3-4-51789d ago

You couldn't just skip it?

* Did you quit reading as a child because you didn't know a certain word ?

Can't you mentally mute something ?

HarryMasonHerpderp1789d ago

Have I offended you for not liking FFXIII-3?
Sounds like you're mad bro.

Gamesgbkiller1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I am waiting for Soul Sacrifice.
But really I want a demo this month :)

nugnugs1789d ago

I want the demo, but sometimes it spoils the wonder of delving into the full game for the first time.
In this case I'm gonna skip as Im as certain as I could possibly be that this game will be mental good.

Gamesgbkiller1789d ago

Yeah , I know.
But for me , I can't wait that long.

Chrono1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

No mention of Ys Celceta? It's my most anticipated Vita game.

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