Why Shenmue 3 must never be made

So many people want to see the final chapters of Ryo's quest for revenge - and we all know why. But is there a case for leaving this astonishing, much loved series in the past? ILJG stirs up trouble...

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matgrowcott1912d ago

There's just not a big enough audience for it. It was groundbreaking in the day, every magazine hailed it as the best thing since sliced bread, and it still bombed. Shenmue 2, across two platforms, bombed.

Individually - selfishly - I desperately want SEGA to invest millions into making Shenmue 3 not only a fitting end to the trilogy, but as groundbreaking as it ever was (because if they made a game with the same old mechanics, it'd just feel tired and dated). It'd be a really bad move though.

ChronoJoe1912d ago

Yakuza games are made on a pretty small budget though. Shenmue was cutting edge when it was made, it doesn't have to be now.

They could rerelease 1 and 2 in HD, then release 3, produce it on a similar budget to the Yakuza games. I think it'd do alright - better than what they waste on Yakuza spinoffs which never sell well.

jetlian1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

it sold over a million which was decent back then but it cost more than most games today. Also shenmue 2 wasnt really released on 2 platforms. West didnt get dreamcast version.

even now shenmues 3d fighting engine is above every full 3d fighter/hack and slash game. I like and have every western yakuza game but their not the same as shenmue

with all the kickstarters going on sega should just ask for 20 million and sell HD updates of 1 and 2.

matgrowcott1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

HD Versions of the original games (or at least 1) are a foregone conclusion at this point. It's happening, or will be happening, it's just a matter of when. Which is fantastic. Playing on Dreamcast is nice, but it's a nice enough world that it deserves the HD/widescreen treatment.

The problem with a third entry is that SEGA never made any money off of Shenmue. I like to say it's one of those games that everyone recommends, but nobody bothered playing. They invested in Shenmue Online and it never made it to release. It doesn't matter how many people ask for it, how many people sign petitions or email important SEGA figureheads, it still doesn't change that it's never really been supported by the general public.

The HD version of it will be a nice test to see if people's buying habits have changed. Don't be surprised when it gets crap reviews (like the rest of the Dreamcast collections; "IT FEELS TOO OLD!") and younger gamers shun it.

If that happens, there's no chance at all of a third game.

EDIT: By the way - I have a western release copy of Shenmue 2 on Dreamcast. It was the US that didn't get it, not "the west."

Tr10wn1912d ago

YES they should do a kickstarter ill gladly pay for it heck i ordered Shenmue 2 from japan for the Dreamcast back then why wouldn't i pay for one of my favorites series.

jetlian1912d ago

yea EU did get it on dreamcast I forgot about that. I got both japanese and both us releases and I would still get HD remakes.

Thats why they need kickstarter and HD remakes to pay for shenmue 3. So they dont feel it was a total loss if it doesn't sell well

steven83r1912d ago

Shenmue 2 failed because MS got their grubby paws on it and wanted it exclusive to Xbox. That left out all of the US Dreamcast owners who did't want to buy an Xbox. I still play my Dreamcast and Shenmue on it. A 3rd needs to be made and should release on PS4. Suzuki already said he wants to make it but Sega won't give him the rights to the game.

ShugaCane1912d ago

I'm sorry but I disagree with every single point of this article. You shouldn't even give people reasons not to make this game, whether they're relevant or not. On the contrary, you should write about all the reasons why it should be made. Maybe my emotions are clouding my judgement, but damn ! I love this series soo much I could die for a sequel.

DaveyB1912d ago

It raises some interesting points this.
I think part of the allure of this series IS the fact that it was never finished. That kind of tragedy has a certain emotional impact - and it does contribute to the mystery of the game, I don't care what anyone says.

I think he makes a valid point about how it would be made too. I almost feel it would need to developed in such a way that it would be consistent - in terms of game design and aesthetics as the first two.

Can you imagine the fallout of having to remake them from scratch for a new generation. Not only the cost, but how much fans would be up in arms because of changes to characters, voices, locations?! It would be a minefield!

Patashnik1912d ago

Nothing would please me more than to see this finished. Maybe they should do an HD remake of the first two, to gauge how much interest there would really be in a third?

Exactly how you'd tackle that third game would be very difficult - not least because fans would be so hard to please. Myself being one of them!

Ace_Pheonix1912d ago

YOU SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH! We must see this series end. I've been waiting for so long..

DigitalAnalog1912d ago

Playing Yakuza as a standby to Shenmue is like playing DMC for Resident Evil.

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