PS4: Why Sony is Making a Big Mistake With Holiday 2013 Release

"If you didn’t know already, Sony has announced the PlayStation 4. And if you weren’t aware, as usual, they managed to foul it up. This wasn’t an explicit fouling up, mind you, but the entire presentation felt like an Apple conference without even a modicum of the success that Apple has been seeing. But that’s a completely different story."

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Intentions1907d ago

Naaaaah they will be fine.

Peppino71907d ago

As long As its released the same time/year as Xbox then yeah.

Dark_Overlord1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

The writer seems extremely pessimistic, nitpicking at anything possible.

"Shadow Fall, which features a mix of conflicting visual models and colour palettes and plays like every single first person, set piece heavy shooter we’ve been seeing in the past few years. "

I'd love to have a finished copy of the game too.... oh wait it doesn't exist yet, so how the hell can he say that :/

And a holiday release in the UK is a mistake? I'm not sure about other countries, but over here its Christmas and the biggest time for sales of the year, its the time when people are willing to spend insane amounts of money just to get the latest must have item.

shivvy241907d ago

I was devestated when I found out I had to wait like a month or 2 for it to come out in AU

MasterCornholio1907d ago

May Sony and Microsoft will release their consoles at the right time. The only one who messed up was Nintendo because they should have released the Wii U a year earlier. That way Nintendo can compete with the PS4 and 720 with a price drop and a mature library of games.

Motorola RAZR i

UnitSmiley1907d ago

The article is written as if the author somehow doesn't know about E3 at all.

NEWS ALERT: There is more to the Playstation 4 than we saw at the conference.

It was just an announcement. We still have plenty of new things to look forward to.

Ace_Pheonix1907d ago

Because me and the rest of the world will have the excuse of Christmas to buy ourselves one? Yeah, that was a huge mistake... *rolls eyes*

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The story is too old to be commented.