Sony confirms 4K movie service for PS4

Sony has confirmed the PS4 will feature 4K movies that could eat up as much as 100GB of space.

Speaking to The Verge, Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux indicated the PS4 will feature movies that could eat up "100 gigabytes and plus," but the company is working out ways to make such girth sustainable.

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TheLyonKing1908d ago

Be good if I could afford a 4K T.V

bumnut1907d ago

Agreed, I don't care what PS4 is capable of, PS5 will be out by the time I can afford a 4K TV!

Gamesgbkiller1908d ago

They think ahead for the future
You never know when you use it

GribbleGrunger1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Yes, this is a future proofing feature rather than a realistic bullet point for launch.

NBT911907d ago

Yeah that's one thing I do like about Sony's consoles, even the fact PS3 had Wi fi built in, I didn't use it when I first got my ps3 and was using Ethernet but now I have it I wander how we lived without it and am grateful for it being there in my ps3.
It's neat that they plan ahead for things and are continuing to do so.

MasterCornholio1908d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but the PS4 will be the first device on the market to deliver 4k movies.

That does sound pretty good especially for those who will own 4k TVs.

Also I'm happy that Sony was honest this time with the resolution instead of making claims that the PS4 could play 4k games.

Motorola RAZR i

WildArmed1908d ago

Looks like it. It'd be interesting to see what publishers jump on.

The jump from DVD to Bluray was pretty rough -- going to 480i to 1080p.
I wonder how going from 1080p to 4k is going to go for the movie industry

DeadIIIRed1907d ago

I think Sony actually releases a server unit for streaming 4k films and up-scaling others for their 4k TV.

PS4 would probably be the first mass produced device to do so though.

g-nome1908d ago

No thanks , I struggle to download a gig.

clintagious6501908d ago

Lol wat u using AOL Dialup? haha

JBSleek1908d ago

You laugh but this is the reality of the internet infrastructure. In some countries like US it is completely a joke as a whole and over-priced. Until we have an internet breakthrough or the government gets involved(which I oppose). The reality is that streaming, downloading and such isn't the forefront of the present.

GribbleGrunger1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Capping is becoming a real issue here in the UK. I currently roll with Virginmedia at 10mb (supposed to have gone up to 20mb) and I'm capped all day long by 75% because I exceed the download limit. So I'm paying £24 for 1.73mb. I'm not going to suggest that Sony's strategy isn't going to work just because the UK will struggle to cope, I'm just pointing out that this is the problem a lot of people face.

Even if the new compression techniques that are being developed by Sony at the moment can enable Gaikai to run efficiently at 2mb, you can see quite clearly that I'm going to get the occasional problem because I fall below that baseline. Hopefully when I get 20gb that will be more manageable.

I'm not at all against Sony offering this service though. I'm really just annoyed at the network providers for their lack of foresight. By now NO internet provider should be able to cap any more than 50%, or even at ALL IMO.

Oh_Yeah1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

@JBSLEEK and others in the U.S. is comcast in your areas? 30-40$ a month for 20 mbps downloads and no data cap isn't a bad deal. And if you qualify for low income they have a plan for 10$.

bumnut1907d ago


You're getting shafted mate, VM don't even do 10MB anymore. The minimum you can get now is 30MB, they will happily leave you on 10MB until you call them and complain.

The download caps are a lot higher on 30MB too.

cleverusername1907d ago

What planet do u live on? Here on earth not everywhere has fibre optic yet!!

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