Assassin’s Creed IV and What it Might Mean for the Series

With Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag coming this year what will be the cost to the series of a fifth game in five years?

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THE-COMMANDER1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I honestly sad about what is going with this franchise, i mean the excitment that i used to have when they announce a new AC is now gone, im really not against the yearly release if they are going to provide quality. But not only the yearly release is the problem, as AC3 was in development for almost 3 years and look all of the problems it had in launch, not only that, as connor was really dull and the overall experince was boring. I think Ubisoft has lost their edge after AC2, and it will take more than one year to make a great AC.

herbs1877d ago

Commander could not have summed it up better. It's troubling that AC3 was in development for so long and turned out to be so unpolished and unfocused, frankly it wasn't even fun to play. I wonder if they scraped the Anvil engine for there new Disrupt engine and if that will help them streamline the development process. Admittedly I do like the idea of being an assasin pirate so I hope they can pull it off with there limited time.