Exclusive: MWEB GameZone interviews SimCity Creative Director Ocean Quigley

MWEB GameZone had the tremendous honor to interview Ocean Quigley, the Creative Director for SimCity. Quigley is a veteran in the video game industry; his knowledge, passion and experience is invaluable and demands respect from developers and gamers alike. Even if you are not a fan of the genre he specializes in, Life Simulation, you cannot help but be impressed with the creative processes and genius of his work.Join me for a walk through the mind of the creator of exceptional worlds.

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schmoe1965d ago

That is an awesome exclusive, actually really looking forward to Sim City. Thanks Lola

HanCilliers1965d ago

It was a rare honor indeed

DesVader1965d ago

If anyone wants to get some insights into the SimCity game, they should be reading this interview. Very nicely done, Han Cilliers. And Ocean Quigley, dude know his stuff!

HanCilliers1965d ago

The things he explains abt the game mechanics...blew my mind

Likalota1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Great interview! Not my genre but I found the insights and observations on gaming in general, as well as how the game mechanics have evolved a fascinating read.

HanCilliers1965d ago

I had the exact same response, not my genre, but the mechanics that went into this are exception