EA Completes "Single Identity" Software

Super PolyPixel - After nearly 18 months of work, EA has announced the completion of their project to allow gamers to use the same identity across multiple platforms. EA hopes that this will boost their business, target new business models, and aid in marketing.

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Galacticos1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

One ban. Every platform.

IamTimO1882d ago

lol! that's another way to look at it

porkChop1881d ago

Yup. Their forum bans already ban you from your PC games, now they'll have the power to ban you from everything. What's crazy is that EA started out this gen as the "good guys", but since around '09 they've been going downhill. And it all started once they saw the success of Call of Duty

palaeomerus1881d ago

And if someone hacks your account and acts like a fool and gets you banned....all your games gone. Just because.

At which point I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER buy anything published by EA again. I already only buy stuff from them on sale. It's hard to remain an honest customer in the face of this crap.

brish1881d ago

Did you know EA didn't make any money from 2008 to 2011? They made a small amount of money in 2012 but managed to piss off so many customers that a lot of people won't buy EA products on principal.

I expect 2013 is going to be a very bad year for EA.

stuna11881d ago

So they make a profit, ostracize you, and you walk away with nothing pretty much! I love gaming just like the next man, but this goes so much further than that!! This is infringing on peoples Constitutional Rights! If they get away with this be prepared for more extreme measures.

DeadlyFire1881d ago

All this really means is now is that their Console games will have a feature similar to Valve games. Log in to Origin when you start to play. Just like how you log into Steam for Valve games like Portal, CS:GO and so on.

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1881d ago
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1881d ago

Starting to not like EA again..

Whxian1881d ago

as long as it means their future games will have cross-platform play

MikeMyers1881d ago

"An example was “appointment gaming” where you can, as long as the game supports it, find friends and play with them regardless of the platform"

That would be cool but I doubt it will be that easy. I just don't picture Microsoft wanting to do this or Nintendo.

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