Solving piracy through free-to-play

Over the last few years, the video games industry has been trying to solve the problem they’ve been having with piracy.

So this led to a new business model that allowed people to access the majority of their content for free but they have an in-game store in which for a relatively small price you can access either extra content or in-game cosmetics. However, there’ve been companies that have handled this new model well and others who, well... for lack of a better way to describe it; have turned it into an almost Orwellian system of dictatorship.

MWEB GameZone takes a look at the F2P business model

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DesVader1940d ago

The Free 2 Play model certainly has take off and I do think its a great idea to start with. I agree that it should have a big effect on piracy, because...what would be the point? :)

HanCilliers1940d ago

INHO it's defs a solution

Likalota1940d ago

Take CoD compared to TF2 in South Africa. The one you could easily pirate, the other required Steam authentication. Guess which one became more popular...

Free to play (like TF2) takes away one reason for needing to pirate but what about other issues like slow bandwidth?

Free to play as a model works well. Take Supercell, they gross $1m per day from just two iOS apps, both are free to play with an in-game store. They are bigger than EA on the Apple platform. For interest, EA have over 900 apps :)

HanCilliers1940d ago

So well said, it's only in countries like SA whee bandwidth is still a problem. Valve did ground breaking work with TF