Not all PlayStation 4 cloud features will be available on launch day

Sony has confirmed that those online and cloud features will be rolled out gradually after launch.

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GribbleGrunger1997d ago

Yeah, they said as much on the 20th ...

sinncross1997d ago

Honestly, Remote Play must be day 1. It just has to. It is not a feature, which will work with every game on the PS4, that Sony will want to introduce later.

The rest that might not be available is not a massive problem but they must happen asap post launch.

also, cant remember if it was confirmed or not.. but day 1, PSV should function as a controller for the entire operation of the PS4 and its software. That is how you make the PSV viable in terms of connectivity with the PS4, not just remote play access.

Nitrowolf21997d ago

yea Remote play day one for all title is indeed a must, especially since Sony has been going at it for 6 years nearly with the PSP and just started with the VITA, yet it's barely in many non first party titles.

MikeMyers1996d ago

Another reason why I won't be buying any of these consoles on day one. I can wait with all the games I still haven't finished. I learned last gen that waiting a bit definitely pays off.

Cryptcuzz1996d ago

I believe it would work day one based on this article.

Straight from Yoshida: “I will be heartbroken if it doesn’t [work] day one,” he answered. “So day one, my expectation… we have to have all [PS4] games work on PS Vita, unless it’s a camera-only game.”


dgonza401996d ago

While I do agree with you, it's a lot easier said than done. They only have a couple months to get things going if the feature is to be included at launch and the way Sony danced around it with promises makes me less optimistic to see it at launch.

OlgerO1996d ago

Shuhei yoshida commented on the remote play. And said that he would be hearbroken if it wasnt availible from day 1, so it seems likely that this will be availible at launch !

Majin-vegeta1997d ago

Just give me cross chat and online play and i'm good

AmkOwns1996d ago

cross chat is soooo last gen

e-p-ayeaH1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

But ps4 needs it anyways.

SandWitch1997d ago

BC won't be a day one feature I guess

Optical_Matrix1997d ago

As long as all of the OS level social features they touted are there on day one then I'm not bothered. Too many times do Sony promise things that don't end up coming into fruition. All I want is for all the streaming/social features to work day one out of the box and I'm good to go.

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The story is too old to be commented.