Cliffy B Defends Microtransactions

GR - "In a recent post he weighed in on the recent microtransaction conversation that’s been ablaze in all schools, office buildings and shopping malls worldwide."

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knifefight1783d ago

Yeah hey, you're not in the game industry anymore and even when you were, no one cared what you thought, Cliff. Most of us still don't.

Septic1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

You clearly cared enough to post on here. What is the logic behind your post? I think you're just jumping into the Cliffy B hate-bandwagon for no good reason. The chap was instrumental in the way Unreal Tournament and Gears of War turned out. He wasn't just floating around in the background.

Also, did he say anything wrong in the article?

“Those companies that put these products out? They’re for profit businesses. They exist to produce, market, and ship great games ultimately for one purpose. First, for money, then, for acclaim.”

“if you don’t like them, don’t buy them”

What he is saying is common sense. In fact, many of you on here have said the exact same thing. For those many sheep on here who couldn't be bothered to form an opinion of their own, how about you actually read the article instead of reading a sensationalist headline and throwing your toys out of the pram?

ElectricKaibutsu1783d ago

“if you don’t like them, don’t buy them”

I can agree with Cliffy on that point.

hiredhelp1783d ago

Nicely said im not much of a fan of him myself i have my own oppinion but he is a dev So thry know the buisneess.
And frankly comments like yours knifefight rather childish. Lke saying a guy worked in a job for 10 plus years was known but now hes retired or no longer working ATM we should all not care...

EbeneezerGoode1782d ago

The problem isn't about additional DLC/TRANSACTIONS it's about stuff purposely held back from a $60 game making the game LESS good value, less complete than it used to be.

Not all devs cheat us like that but more and more are trying to these days... anything they can leave out they WILL - then charge you later on for even MORE money - total price of the 'complete game'? closer to $100. $100 for the same 'complete game' you once paid an already VERY HIGH $60 for.

I don't mind Cliffy - big fan of unreal series etc here BUT telling us not to buy them if we don't like is arrogant and missing the point. So when the industry folds because more and more people refuse to buy half complete games for full price and paid DLC/add ons then what?

He's not looking at it as a gamer/customer and that is a flaw for any so called gamer's spokesperson.

fsfsxii1782d ago

Then companies should do justice and make great games and great add-ons and then i'll think of doing microtransactions.
This guy is getting out of hand with his annoying opinions.

MYSTERIO3601782d ago

Cliffy B is right if you don’t like them, don’t buy them. But the problem with micro-transactions is that a lot of these transactions are applied to the multplayer aspect of retail games. This ruins the steady leveling up process as players can buy extra powerful weapons and gear without earning it. If MT ends up in games such as COD for weapons and Killstreaks pack the game would be near unplayable.

Blackdeath_6631782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

regarding the "if you don't like them[micro-transactions],don&# 39;t buy them" that is not always a valid argument. what happens when games are built from the ground up with miro-transactions in mind and companies make the game impossible to complete without with out buying these micro-transactions (keeping in mind you already paid 60 bucks for the damn game). what happens when they make weapons bought from micro-transaction so much stronger just to make you buy them. what happens when devs make resources so hard to find in order to make you spend money in micro-transactions. we see this on the IOS platform time and time again but those games are free so it sort of makes sense. but having people spend money on micro-transactions even when the paid full price for the game is absurd.

knifefight1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

RE: "You clearly cared enough to post on here. What is the logic behind your post?"
The logic is that I added my comment to a discussion thread in which people discuss things by commenting. My bit? I think it's dumb. I expressed this. Typically called a "conversation," such exchanges can often contain varying view points. They are different from a "circle jerk," in which everyone stands around agreeing with each other.

Re: I think you're just jumping into the Cliffy B hate-bandwagon for no good reason."
There's a hate bandwagon now? Why? He's just another guy like you or me. I don't need someone else's opinions to validate my own. ;)

ElectricKaibutsu1782d ago


I think I misunderstood Cliffy's comment. I thought he meant don't buy the games at all. That's what I agree with. I think micro transactions ruin the multiplayer of some games. I refuse to buy games like that and I hope others do the same.

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3-4-51782d ago

He's only defending it because they made the choice to go with them on his next game, and their profit is going to depend on it.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1783d ago

I'm getting to where I can't stand this guy at all!

xPhearR3dx1783d ago

So stop reading and commenting on every article about him. If you actually read the article you would know the title is misleading. He's not defending microtransactions, he's explaining why they exist and saying don't buy it if you don't want it. Instead of saying that in the title, they twist his words and make a title that will attract attention.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Microtransaction are just a money maker and if you don't see that then fall for it because I'm not. If they twisted his words then the title needs to be changed

matgrowcott1782d ago


So this failing industry needs what exactly, if not money makers?

Long running companies are closing. Games are dropping in price weeks after release. With very few exceptions, this industry isn't doing especially well.

Let me guess, you're one of those people who think getting rid of casuals and focusing entirely on the core would save everything?

isa_scout1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Me too. What is he just semi-retired or what? He needs to make up his mind. Also, wasn't it AC2 or Brotherhood that they purposely held back one of the sequences, and later called it the missing sequence DLC. How the hell do you hold back a legitmate story chapter for DLC? That's unfair and most definelty is a shady business practice. I don't like microtransactions in games because most of the time for some reason it just makes the game feel cheap. Here's an idea make an AWESOME game and people will openly accept spending more on the game as time passes. Singleplayer games on consoles with microtransactions(dead space 3) just feel strange. Here's another quick tip: Quit having day one DLC, I hate coming home from picking up a game on launch day popping it in, and seeing that there's another $20.00 of DLC already available on playstation store.

ATi_Elite1783d ago

MicroTransactions in PC F2P games are OK as long as it's not Pay 2 Win!

But EA charging you $60 bucks for a Game then filling it up with microtransactions is totally GREEDY!

EA is run by Shareholders and they are running EA into the GROUND!

EA it's in the game (If our shareholders say so)

Bladesfist1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

Agreed, micro transactions are not a bad thing if they are done right. I love being able to play Planetside 2 for free. I most likely would not have picked it up if it was £30. But without that barrier to entry I have spent more than £30 on it.

DigitalSmoke1783d ago

Go f*@& yourself Cliffy B, dirty sellout.

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