The Download February 28th, 2013

GR: "Every week seems to bring more and more downloadable games. We're practically overloaded with new iPhone games, new indies, and new digital releases each week. Never fear! The Download is here to help you figure out what to spend all that fake money on. Microsoft Points? I know those aren't on the gold standard."

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knifefight1911d ago

Gonna get that Castlevania demo.

alexcosborn1911d ago

Definitely looks promising.

3-4-51911d ago

I've heard a few bad things about it. I'm not a Castevania fan really though so maybe people were just complaining to complain. I haven't read up much on it.

knifefight1911d ago

All the more reason to get the demo and see for myself, eh? ;)

ftwrthtx1911d ago

So many games, so little time.