The Punisher Arcade Retro Review I Play Legit

Jeremy of PL Writes "Punisher looks really good. The sprites are large and animated when standing still. You can see him breathing, and Nick Fury’s cigar smoke. The boss characters also have their own animations which make them feel more alive."

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Toon_Link1814d ago

This game was a lot of fun as a kid, but I like the nes punisher game best every once and a while I bust out the NES to play it.

maniacmayhem1814d ago

Punisher and Nick Fury, now there's a team up you don't see very often...if ever.

InMyOpinion1814d ago

I'd love a follow-up to the Punisher game released on PS2/Xbox. Loved it.

typikal821814d ago

The xbox version is compatible with the 360, I was playing it a few months ago. Great game

bacrec11814d ago

Those Interrogation segments were classic.