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Godchild10201964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Wow, I guess Ubisoft really doesn't consider the Wii U to be next gen. If they grouped it in with the PS3, 360 and PC (PC isn't current nor Next gen, its in a league of it's own).

Or maybe its because the Wii U has been out for a while now and people know about it, or maybe they thought people would have made an article about it not coming to the console if they didn't mention it, when they announced the game.

It could be anything and my mind is all over the place.

EDIT: That render looks pretty good. I still haven't completed Brotherhood, Revelations nor 3. I did finish Liberation though.

Nimblest-Assassin1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Sigh... I feared this would be the wii all over again.

The wii versions of multiple games were essentially the PS2 version with motion controls

^ That was the reason I decided to buy a PS3/360... because I was frustrated by the quality of third party games, and nintendo releases were far and between, only reason I chose PS3 was because I liked the controller more, and didn't want to pay for online

The wii U will essentially be the 360/PS3 version with tablet functionality

I was considering picking up a wii U this year, but I will wait for it to be cheaper

I am glad that there are next gen versions of AC4... my intrest in this game has peaked a bit and I will buy it for PS4

Merrill1964d ago

The Wii will have strong first party content eventually, that's where Nintendo really shines anyway.

If you buy there system for third party software, you're insane. Although that new Monster Hunter looks good and Xenoblade.

I'll eventually buy a Wii U just to play a Mario game or Donkey Kong, it's inevitable.

Plagasx1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

@Merrill how long do you think the Wii U will last with only Mario and Zelda??..

shackdaddy1964d ago

As long as all the other Nintendo consoles lasted since the SNES. Nin hasn't had 3rd party support in a looong time. They do fine off Mario and Zelda...

chadboban1964d ago


Funny that you only mentioned Mario and Zelda when he mentioned 3 games in his comment that aren't. He didn't even mention Zelda for that matter.

That perception is pretty much Nintendo's own fault though as they don't exactly market their other first party games like Xenoblade, The Last Story or Pandora's Tower, or even their smaller games like Pushmo and Dillion's Rolling Western nearly as well as Mario and Zelda. Hence the reason why folks believe that's all they make. I wish they give Monolith's game it's own spotlight at E3 to at least show they have faith in their other franchises.

On topic: Does anyone else think it's WAY too soon for another Assassin's Creed?

ElectricKaibutsu1964d ago

I'm worried too, but let's wait until Watch Dogs before we resign the Wii U to be the red headed stepconsole again.


lol, yes. I'm still slowly playing through AC3. I find it a little dull so I only play it in short spurts.

Deku-Johnny1964d ago

@Plagasx, the Wii lasted 6 years with mainly only Nintendo 1st and 2nd party titles to carry it. I'm sure they'll do the same thing with the Wii U if they have to.

The 3rd party content on Wii U is already considerably good compared to what they had on Wii. Ubisoft are doing a good job on it bringing ZombiU, AC3 & 4 and Watch Dogs, Injustice, TT making their new Lego game an exclusive, Criterion putting a lot of effort in making Need for Speed better for the Wii U, the new Walking Dead game, it's getting Fifa and CoD games that are at least on level with the other releases, not to mention there are a lot of indie devs getting involved with the eShop.

It might not sound great compared to Sony and Microsoft but compared to Nintendo's previous 3rd party content it's great so far and I'm sure it'll continue to grow. It won't reach PS4 or 720 level when they're released but Nintendo are getting there.

yaz2881964d ago

if this is a 3 years work then I will be exited. and who is working on this? (ubisoft Montreal?)

hopefully it will have a better framerate than ac3 which fucking ruined it for me! even the pc version suffered the same shit (has it been fixed?)

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AngelicIceDiamond1964d ago

Well damn Ubisoft. At this rate you might as well announce another AC game right after launching an a AC game.

CapsLocke1964d ago

Wii, wii wii WTF is wrong with you? This is 2013 - no time for shitty consoles.

hivycox1964d ago

what are you talking about? it is being developed for the wii u ...UBISOFT already stated that the wii u is next gen in an article about watch dogs.
the development for the ps3 and 360 didn't even start while the wii u version is already running.

other than that Splinter cell is coming to the wii u too you looks very good this time around for NIntendo and 3rd party support..I don't see another wii situation!!

gedapeleda1964d ago

Nintendo is just a little faster than ps3/360.
It will be a wii case when next gen really starts.

hivycox1960d ago


next gen started already. you live in the past huh?

also: The gap will be much smaller this time. 6 gen status.

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xRyan1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Where does it say the release date and next-gen appearance? On the Ubisoft website.

PockyKing1964d ago

Put this in your address bar then add a v after the #

xRyan1964d ago

Yeah I already got the update, thanks tho.

classic2001964d ago

The wiiu is like half gen, half current and half next gen lol.

I don't blame ubisoft or EA for not calling it next gen, it got a innovative controller but lets face the facts the power is just disastrously poor to keep up. Nintendo better get those first party games out because the next gen train is ready to leave and microsoft got all those casual passengers who think motion gaming is the coolest thing in the living room.

LOL_WUT1964d ago

The Wii U was released on such an awkward time between gens. Rushed to the market to get the upper hand on the competition seemed like the main focus IMO.

Realplaya1964d ago

This is good news for everyone that owns a gae system and you choose to bash one. Bet you feel like a tough guy now dont ya.

AKR1964d ago

Yeah, really poor.

Poor enough to have already incorporated PC assets in three of it's games.

- Trine 2
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted U
- Watch Dogs

. . . Yeah, really poor hardware.

Deku-Johnny1964d ago

I think it's good that Nintendo are as you say 'half gen' it gives a reason to own their console as well as a PS4/720. It made sense this gen to own both a PS3 and a Wii but owning a PS3 and a 360 was just a waste of money because they're pretty much the same console.

It'll be the same with the 8th gen, get a PS4 and a Wii U or a 720 and a Wii U then you're getting thoroughly different experience with both your consoles. Get a PS4 and a 720 and it'll be like having two of the same console. I don't think Nintendo played it that way on purpose but it works out to their advantage.

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ApolloTheBoss1964d ago

Has anyone else noticed that it hasn't even been a year since AC3 came out?

Merrill1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Even if I liked Assassin Creed(I do not), this is way too much of it. This over saturation of the market with non stop sequels is fatiguing the industry.

You don't even get a chance to finish the sequels sometimes, or miss it.

Clearly I'm in the minority, as people keep buying them; thus the sequels keep coming.

Nimblest-Assassin1964d ago

I agree with you... they need to slow the hell down

This type of game doesn't benifit from a yearly release

colonel1791964d ago

I love Assassin's Creed and I completely agree with you! I didn't play Brotherhoods, because by the time I had money to buy it, they had already announced Revelations.

The same thing is happening with this one. I haven't finished AC3, and they already announced Black Flag. Also, they said that they wanted to improve the franchise and it was the reason why AC3 took 3-4 years to make, but then they release AC4 one year later at most.

This franchise should end with the PS4/Xbox 3 and start another new IP. AC4 definitely should be the last. I want to see better IPs with the new technology of the next generation consoles. Developers can do much better than this.

ALLWRONG1964d ago

Getting tired of AC games myself. Since UBI pumps these games out every year now, the decline in quality is beginning to show. AC3 is a terrible buggy mess of a game.

Just because EA and Activision does it with CoD and Madden doesn't mean it should be copied.

N311V1964d ago

I would have disagreed with you in the past because I was a big fan on the Ezio games but AC3 really put me off. The game was just boring! They need more time to develop the story and make sure the valleys between peaks aren't too long. Bring back weapon and armor progression and Assassin guilds. Add difficulty settings as AC3 was way too easy.

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Brian1rr1964d ago Show
Rupee1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Yeah I won't purchase day one for that very reason. Each one that comes out every year is described by the devs as being new and innovative... and each one is just baaaarely different then the last. AC3 was supposedly in development for four years yet it was the glitchiest AC yet. I'll wait for reviews on this one. As a huge fan I never thought I'd get burnt out on the series but hats where I'm at...

MoB211964d ago

Ha year? Barely been 4 months... my friends don't understand my lack of excitement for this game.. I mean Ill obviously get it but if its anything like 3 then ill hate every moment of it

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clarkbariowa1964d ago

Does this mean PS4 and the next XBOX will be released in October...?

cloud4951964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Well I'm thinking it'll be like the Wii U launch.
AC3 released on PS3 and 360 on 31st October and the Wii U version released when the console was released.

So PS3, 360 and Wii U version on October 29th and the PS4/ 720 version will release whenever the console does. Unless of course one or both consoles release before Oct 29th.

And PC will probably be at the end of Nov.

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