March 2013 North American PlayStation Plus Free Games Teased, Can You Guess What They Are?

Starting on Monday, March 4th, North American gamers will finally be given a full month preview of the upcoming PlayStation Plus free games, something that European gamers have currently been enjoying for some time now.

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doctorstrange1754d ago

I'm stumped, help me N4G hivemind.

knifefight1754d ago

You should buy all of the games that I like because I think they are better than the games that you like, unless we like the same games, in which case, your opinion is correct and valid.

Psn8001753d ago

Go to and there giving away codes for uk Ps3 plus free for one month only but you can not get the code if your a lapse member of Ps plus get it now .

DiarrheaVanFrank1753d ago

Could you define lapse member? I feel dumb asking but I feel like the definition I'm reading is the opposite of what I thought it meant

Thanks for the tip btw, just got a code.

brish1753d ago

Lapse member: a ps+ user that let their subscription end.

TrendyGamers1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I'm guessing that the SRPG is a Disgaea game.

Catoplepas1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Rainbow Moon would be my first guess.

Edit - On second thought, probably not. Rainbow Moon isn't part of a series.

guitarded771753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Well, they announced another game coning in the Rainbow Moon series, so it could be. I hope they give the Vita version for free. I already paid for the PS3 version, and want it for the Vita even more than the PS3.

Wedge191754d ago

No Trophies? Awh, The Wood feels disappointment. The Wood now needs ice cream...

Snookies121754d ago

I kinda hope it's not D3, considering I already bought it. Although I understand there will always be games people have bought that we get for free. :]

LOGICWINS1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

The "not currently available" gives it away that it might be RM though.

thebigman1754d ago

I still haven't picked it up so I wouldn't mind if that's what it was :)

LOGICWINS1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Game 4 is without question the Unfinished Swan.

EDIT: The fighting game is Mortal Kombat. Hopefully its the Vita version since I already have the Complete Edition for my PS3.

ziggurcat1754d ago

unfinished swan is/was already offered or free.

my guess would be any of the god of war games (since ascension is coming out soon).

Ducky1754d ago

I didn't remember unfinished swan being offered for free. O.o

LOGICWINS1754d ago

If that we're the case, why would they call GOW a "PSN game"?

despair1754d ago

I think you mixed it up with closure.

rezzah1754d ago

Swan did get a discount, I bought it for 10 when it was originally for $15.

You probably mistook the discount for a freebie.

t0mmyb0y1753d ago

Unfinished Swan was on for discount not free, when I bought it.

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Snookies121754d ago

Nah man, if it is Mortal Kombat, it'll be for PS3. Considering that they have four games each month with one Vita game, and they already gave a hint that the Vita game would be an SRPG.

TrendyGamers1754d ago

The Cave fits the clue the most, I think.

t0mmyb0y1753d ago

Cave is pretty new to be free already. Or did it not do that well?

kB01753d ago

It won't be a Vita game, they already mentioned a vita game that is an RPG lol

guitarded771753d ago

I already have the Vita version, so hopefully it's the PS3 version :D

zpoc1753d ago

who is the "highly acclaimed writer, very famous video game luminary" behind unfinished swan?

seems like the cave (which was made by ron gilbert, a famous videogame luminary) would fit the clue better...?

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Snookies121754d ago

Fighter? I'm guessing Dead or Alive 5, considering that's what Europe got.

JP13691753d ago

The also received MK9 months ago.

Son_Lee1754d ago

Persona 4 Arena sounds like the fighter to me.

shammgod1754d ago

I think that is free right now

Son_Lee1754d ago

Not in America it isn't.

mi_titan271753d ago

its a free full game demo

guitarded771753d ago

That would be a good one. I wouldn't spend the money to buy it, but would definitely check it out for free.

despair1753d ago

its got a 60 min trial right now but its not a small game.