Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch… Tips on Gaining Experience For Post Game Activities

Andrew Gonzalez from Digibytes writes: "Like most Role Playing Games, Ni No Kuni continues after the credits roll. There are a lot of new bounty hunts and errands to complete. Some are a piece of cake with the party levels that you used to complete the game, but most of the bounty hunts will be a test of your skills. You will need to level Oliver, Esther, Swaine and all of your familiars to take on these tasks."

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NewMonday1965d ago

use veil spell to sneak on the toko
use the Puls spell in the fight to stop him from escaping

rezzah1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Toko on Swan Island = 2000

Toko in Billy Goats Gruff = 19k? (I forgot)

Toko in Final dungeon (first floor right section) = 29k

This the experience you get for killing one, so you`re lucky if you find and kill two in one battle. They run away quick so single 1 hit kills is a must.

The most you can get in a match of 3 wild animals (Final Dungeon) is around 700 exp. This counts for the entire game, all previous areas with 3 animals give less exp.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1965d ago

There is a moose looking enemy you can get to once you can fly just behind Ding Dong Dell that gives about 2k exp.

rezzah1965d ago


Thing is they are very strong and have a lot of health. But the good part is that their appearance rate is much higher than a toko. And they never run away.

Fishermenofwar1965d ago

Is this game that good?

Is it turned based??

On the fence about this...I really miss JRPGs (SIGH)

VersaVulture891956d ago

The game is THAT good. There haven't been that many great JRPGs in the past few years. Ni No Kuni is a great return to the genre. I easily put in 80 hours without realizing it.

Fishermenofwar1956d ago

Thanks for the update...I'm going to pick it up....