Soundtrack Spotlight - "Cyclops of the Garite" (God of War: Ascension)

OnlySP writes:

If any game series exemplifies the use of a larger-than-life orchestral soundtrack, it’s God of War. Although most players remember its signature theme most fondly, there are a lot of other great compositions for the series as well, and the upcoming prequel God of War: Ascension would be remiss not to continue this trend...’s track... [is titled] “Cyclops of the Garite” due to its name on Youtube. In this piece, there’s heavy use of low, tribal-like drums and a choir of both male and female vocals. It really does sound barbaric and primal, which all the best considering, from the title, that it will accompany a battle with a hulking, primitively brutal cyclops.

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Tontus1996d ago

I love it! God of War games always have such amazing OST's.

Ripsta7th1996d ago

Cant wait to buy this game

Chaos_Raiden1996d ago

Epic and excellent track.