Next Week on the NA PSN: March 5th, 2013 - Vergil's End Game

We have a pretty good PlayStation Store update ahead of us on Tuesday, March 5th, with a bunch of new PSN releases for you to spend your money on. For games you already own though, Resident Evil 6, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, and DmC Devil May Cry all have some brand new DLC becoming available.


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doctorstrange1693d ago

Hmm, might dabble in some Capcom Arcade Cabinetness

TrendyGamers1693d ago

I'm really starting to think Tomb Raider won't be a Day 1 Digital.

Foolsjoker1693d ago

Hopefully they put it up digitally soon, I'm tired of physical media, as I have way too many boxes already.

knifefight1693d ago

Looking forward to the new MLB.

TrendyGamers1693d ago

If you're downloading it, it's around 20GB.

dbjj120881693d ago

Excited for Vergil's Downfall.

lovegames7181693d ago

Res. Knife fight...

Yeah I'm getting mlb too. Pm me maybe we can play against each other.