Sony’s chance to once again dominate Nintendo, or could it be Microsoft?

industry enthusiast Joseph Digrado writes: "Nintendo has gotten this generation started with their Wii U console but by the looks of it they have left some vital machinery vulnerable for Sony and Microsoft to attack. Market share was greatly lost this generation for Sony, as well as Microsoft, by this console-eating beast of a corporation, Nintendo. Now is their chance to expose Nintendo of their...

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Thirty3Three1848d ago

"We're gonna win!" - Sony

"Hold my purse, I'm going in! Also, I'm releasing an iPhone-type thing that will outsell said iPhone. It's called the Zune." - Microsoft.

otherZinc1847d ago

1st, M$ didn't lose market share, M$ gained significant market share from XBOX to 360.

Wii U, is going to have a very tough generation this time around.

Dno1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

M$ was selling the most and had the higest install base till wii killed it and now ps3 also has more. M$ lost its lead in one gen. thats what they are talking about.

They released 1 year before wii and ps3 and is now in 3rd place.

MaxXAttaxX1847d ago

If PS4 delivers and if the Wii U continues this way, it might end up being another N64/GameCube generation.

Lvl_up_gamer1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

How is the Xperia doing?

CalibriSerif1847d ago

xperia z is doing great. was sold out in many many countries.

Gimmemorebubblez1847d ago

Doing tremendously well, the Xperia Z caused Sony's Online Hardware Store to crash after incredible demand. Sold out in many countries.

KingofGambling1847d ago

@CalibriSerif that phone looks nice. Looking forward to that phone.

Clarence1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Lol nice try. I see what your doing.

How's 360 market share going? How's Zune doing, oh wait how's that surface tablet doing?
M$ first out this gen now last this gen.

Keep on hating. Sony is set dominate next gen.

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3-4-51847d ago

Why do things have to dominate ?

Such a perverted way to look at things.

Why would you want to dominate something or somebody ?

Let it be.

PopRocks3591848d ago

Winning is success though, and success does not necessarily mean you have to do better than your competition. The Playstation 3 spent the better portion of its generation in last place, but it's still a successful platform in the end.

2pacalypsenow1847d ago

In this world coming out 1st is winning

Blackdeath_6631847d ago

couldn't care less about the world. as a gamer the console with the best games wins and that was by far the ps3, the last significant xbox exclusive that is not halo,gear or forza was released like 5 years ago or something as for nintendo i don't want to keep playing games i have out grown 10 years ago the fans who have enjoyed the orginal mario and zelda games are no longer children they are in their thirties you can't keep expecting to sell these games to them.

Shadow Flare1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

This generation was a first in that all the consoles won. That's quite rare

Nintendo won because after the GameCube and n64, the Wii was a gamble but they sold tons of the consoles and gained a lot of consumers through it

Microsoft improved greatly on their last console and gained a massive marketshare

For Sony, a lot would think they lost out this gen. But this is the first generation that they've had excellent competition, not from just 1 but 2 consoles. After a hard start they've turned it around and are currently the top selling console in the charts globally, and on course for their 3rd 100 million selling console. Which is a huge success and unprecedented.

They've also been a success for consumers for producing the best and most advanced hardware this gen and showing the most support to their fans through games and services like ps+

Who would have thought 3 consoles could have co-existed so well this generation? That alone shows they've all been a success

TongkatAli1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

The idea of the Wii was a risk, but it wasn't really a risk cause the specs were so weak compared to the PS3 and 360. If the Wii had similar specs to the 360 and PS3 and was selling the whole motion control shtick being sold at a loss that is a risk. How is it risky selling your brand new console at a profit with gamecube like specs ?

The Wii was a half assed risk, truth. Yeah, I'm floating in shark infested waters not losing a single dollar on every console sold : / the F ?

Shadow Flare1847d ago

Yeah Nintendo tried exactly the same tactics with the Wii U, and look how that's turning out. It was a risk

TongkatAli1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Ummm, its not turning out that bad it was just born : / the Wii wasn't a risk. The PS3 was $600 and the 360 was I think 300$, doesn't look like a risk to me.

Edit: Hold up! The Wii U is losing only 21 dollars per unit sold and you think its doing really bad ? XD no, Nintendo does the least risk taking out of the three.

Shadow Flare1847d ago

Trying to sell consumers old hardware at a premium price is risky. Because consumers might turn around and say no. That's the risk. And the risk is then the console might not sell and it will be dropped, and that makes Nintendo no money at all

With the Wii, it exploded with success. With the Wii U, it's currently tanking hard. Same tactics Nintendo used, but one worked and one hasn't so far

DragonKnight1847d ago

The risk with the Wii wasn't how much they would lose in selling the console, it wasn't the tech put into it, it was Nintendo's focus on the casual market and forcing the Wiimote on every game. Nintendo took a completely opposite direction, gambling on the casual audience to back their success, and their gamble paid off. It won't again though. The casual audience is unpredictable and fickle.

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delboy1847d ago ShowReplies(2)
fluffydelusions1847d ago

They released xbox and people purchased it?

Kaneda1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

They released broke xbox and people purchased it... really, they haven't grow. 4 of my friends owned xbox. All of them on their 2nd system... If you count users base.. they haven't grow that much...

JRivera921848d ago

I really wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo wins next gen. Sony really won't have a good start w/ the Ps4 since they'll definitely be at a loss.. and stay at one for at least a short while.

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