Naruto Storm 3: Online Menus Video

Saiyan Island shows the online menu, character roster, stages screen, and main menu in the game.

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tayz1817d ago

wow these guys get the game early and get to play online!! i'm too jealous!! *cry*

George Sears1817d ago

Hehe, there is a mom n pop store a block away from where I live that has the game. I don't have any rush on getting it but I did pre order it via Namco store so I'd rather wait and get all the extra pre order stuff.

tayz1817d ago

DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Wheres the urgency!?! Madara-sama is waiting for you!!!!!

Sarobi1817d ago

I've had people on both my PS3 and Xbox friends list playing it since yesterday. I've asked them all where they got it and they either don't reply or say "Downloaded it".. Piracy..