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From the respectable developer SIMS Co. comes the anime-styled fishing simulator Let’s Fish! Hooked On. The game provides a sort of arcade style of play, letting you fish in world tours and compete in various challenges. But where everything SHOULD go right, Let’s Fish! Hooked On does the dubious job of tearing itself apart, and providing an experience akin to ripping your hair out…with your feet.

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MelonSaurus1663d ago

Dead, mutilated kittens and Let's Fish! Hooked On are two phrases that go hand and hand with each other.

PeaSFor1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

how can Sega Bass Fishing get a score of 2.5/10, sry but thats delusional.

MelonSaurus1663d ago

I'm thinking you're the delusional one, since you can't read the title of an N4G post. This is a review for Let's Fish! Hooked On, a PlayStation Vita game.

PeaSFor1663d ago

wich is exactly Sega Bass Fishing with anime skins/layout, but the game is still the EXACT SAME THING than Sega Bass get it?

TongkatAli1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I can see your Avatar fishing in this game.

Studio-YaMi1663d ago

Trying so hard to hate this game aren't you ? LOL
the game is fun and good,not great but it was fun !

Stupid unknown website. :\

Blastoise1663d ago

How can you mess up a fishing game so bad?

*sigh* Was looking forward to playing something a bit different for a change too

WeAreLegion1663d ago

It's actually a pretty fun game. :)

MattS1663d ago

I actually enjoyed this game. Yes it's not the best game ever but it's pretty good, relaxing fun.