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Deep Down trailer Analysis

Is it too good to be true? Our inhouse crew of experts go deep on Capcom's impressive tech demo in this special 30 minute episode. (Capcom, Deep Down, PS4)

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8GB_DDR3   664d ago | Spam
xhi4  +   664d ago
Wow, it's real?! PS4 with guys like Naughty Dog, Rockstar etc. is going to be INSANEEEE!
Bumpmapping  +   664d ago
Damn PS4 is a beast!
largerock  +   664d ago
Not a beast. A friggin GOD.
first1NFANTRY  +   664d ago
I'm sorry to anyone this might offend (fanboys) but if this is the kind of quality we're getting as launch titles then all i have to say is PS4Life!!!
wingman32x  +   664d ago
That was real? Wow. I sort of blew it off during the presentation because I thought it was just a CGI demo. That's pretty awesome.
Romudeth  +   664d ago
landog  +   664d ago
its an amazing looking target render

gameplay? no

in engine? mostly

lots of post processing to clean the image up? most certainly
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KwietStorm  +   664d ago
Always someone
RyuCloudStrife  +   664d ago
hahaha look at landog, welcome to another PS4 article that puts your "Rig" to shame!!
itz_zombies  +   664d ago
Every party needs a pooper that's why thay invited you, party pooper! Party Pooper! ...
first1NFANTRY  +   664d ago
Alot of haters are gonna eat huge amounts of crow come E3
Studio-YaMi  +   664d ago
If you actually download the deep down HD video 1080P from youtube and play it on your HD TV (played the video on my samsung 58 inch TV) and there actually seems to be some pixel flickering just like DeanSanchez commented about above.

I also found that same Flickering on the Infamous : second son & Knack videos in some aspects of the trailers,that is proof enough that most of what we saw in those trailers were in-game engine,might be scripted in some sequences but mostly game engine shots and not CGI,which is damn impressive !

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taquito  +   664d ago
i believe its the actual engine, but pre rendered and obviously the hud is photoshopped on, its 100% out of place

also, after effects such as lighting and volumetric were added, it can be seen in light sources and certain textures
Ticklez  +   664d ago
Why is the HUD out of place? It's a new game ... They aren't all the same you know..
Blackcanary  +   664d ago
They haven't even tapped into the full power of the PS4 wow this is gonna be amazing to see what this will look like once its finished.
MasterCornholio  +   664d ago
I knew it was real time ever since i noticed the strange running animations.

Cant wait to see more of this game.

shivvy24  +   664d ago
no matter how hard i look at the trailer , it looks like its all animated and pre rendered !
kenoh   664d ago | Spam
DigitalSmoke  +   664d ago
Gametrailers is so filthy...

Trying to lure in Playstation suporters who they lost over the years by "cheating" them on review numbers, review video's "doctored" to look worse then the 360 counter part, and abusing forum members with "bans" and false flag warnings, wile they just put time and efford into making sure he "truth" got stated between all the bullshit. (most of all this has been proven)

Little Fact toy.

Microsoft made a "500 Million dollar" deal with Viacom (owner of also MTV and Gametrailers.com) to have pro Microsoft stuff apear on their networks.
So without the public really understanding what this means, MTV and Gametrailers (and company) are Pro Xbox 360 wile making sure not to boost Sony's news and machines, but to talk it down..., Sony didnt pay afterall.
So now you know where this low tone negative wimpery damage controll Deep Down assesment come's from.

Its discusting.
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nypifisel  +   664d ago
Well it's pretty obvious that Gametrailers do favour the Xbox but that has rather to do with it being American and the US is the only region which the Xbox is actually bigger than the PS and Nintendo.
ANIALATOR136  +   664d ago
Xbox is big in the UK. Unfortunately.
N311V  +   664d ago
I frequent gametrailers a bit and have noticed the sometimes not so sutble negativity towards Sony. If this is really the reason and not just what nypifisel said and I assumed, that it's because they're American, then I'm quite disgusted. They have no right to consider themselves legitamate journalist.
nypifisel  +   658d ago
You're right they're not legitimate journalists ^^ Though few are in this day and age, it's sad that the neutrality of the press have gotten worse in later years :/
GribbleGrunger  +   664d ago
Here I was determined to open my front door and breath in the real world and these damned games come along and slam that door in my face. I guess I might as well close the curtains too. See you on the other side guys.
solidboss07  +   664d ago
I am a Playstation fan boy because Sony hardware delivers the games that I want, but I look forwards to next gen gamers of both machines enjoying amazing games. There seems to be some negative appraisal of PS4 and Nextbox hardware but I look at where we console gzmers are coming from, next gen will be great. From half a gig of ram and processing measured in low G/flops, to 8GB Ram and performance measured in Teraflops. That is a true generational leap in performance.
SatanSki  +   664d ago
Prerendered or not i would be surpriced if next gen consoles arent capable of running such games. It looks great but not THAT great
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landog  +   664d ago
man they love the kool-aid

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