OXCGN’s Crysis 3 Review- Best looking game on 360 to date?


"Gamers love being badasses.

Whether it’s being placed in the shoes of a supersoldier wielding an arsenal of weapons, a highly-trained assassin, or given superhuman powers by an ancient god, gamers love playing the one man (or woman) army.

These gamers can rejoice once more, as EA‘s Crysis 3 lets players become the ultimate badass, the perfect hunter, by using the famous Nanosuit."

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gaminoz1997d ago

These games need a bit more character to their story though. Supersoldier this supersoldier that...

StraightPath1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

Playing the PS3 version and looks absolute stunning. Amazing graphics with a game that as alot going on In it and multiple ways to play and large areas. The grass was amazing in the early level. Crytek are amazing at graphics. So far enjoying Crysis 3 way better then the dissapointing Crysis 2. Game is far enjoyable then run in the mill Kilzzone games that try to be call of duty with explosions. Whereas in Crysis you can have different play styles do alot of fun stuff.

MysticStrummer1997d ago

You're saying Call of Duty has no explosions? lol

Tyre1996d ago

Exactly, It looks stunning and feels smooth at the same time..a solid gaming experience to play! Loving it!

DeusExer1997d ago

Sure does a great job of making you feel like a badass.

greenpowerz1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

It's pretty exciting Crytek has been making Xbox 720 games and most likely helping/guiding MSFT in the 720's specs for the last 2 to 3 years. I've always thought Crysis games were the best looking games on consoles aswell. Seen the 720's CPU today, can't wait to find out more. Crysis 4 on 720 will make Crysis 3 look like an Original XBOX game.

MysticStrummer1997d ago

"I've always thought Crysis games were the best looking games on consoles aswell."

The farce is strong with this one.

Merrill1997d ago

I thought the game looked like crap on both consoles to be honest. It's blurry and rather unimpressive.

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omi25p1997d ago

I couldn't disagree more.

SolidDuck1997d ago

I completely agree very blurry on both consoles. Best looking 360 game? Not even top 25 on either consoles. I'm not even sure it would be the best looking dreamcast game.

Merrill1997d ago

Agreed, other than the Dreamcast comment.

BadCircuit1997d ago

That's a bit harsh? Dreamcast?

MadMax1997d ago

Somebody say Dreamcast? Haha!

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