Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag What It Needs To Do

Assassin's Creed 4 has been announced. It is all about pirates in the Caribbean! What must the game include to keep the series fresh?

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Dlacy13g1936d ago

It needs to be AC3 engine complete with sword combat and ship combat combined with Sid Meier's strategy and overworld mechanics.

toxic-inferno1936d ago

It needs to be different enough from the last 5 games. I really thought that ACIII would be a step forward for the series. Shame about that, really...

imtheman20131936d ago

It needs to either drop the IV, or drop the 'Black Flag.' I don't like the whole number AND a subtitle thing... it feels dirty.

RioKing1936d ago


Did I just really say that? 0_o

ironfist921935d ago

Thats what irks me the most. It feels like Ubisoft themselves are unsure of wtfs going on

Theyellowflash301936d ago

The Framerate needs to be better. The combat is too easy. More combo based instead of press one button at this time and jack people up. The controls are kind of stiff.

PhoenixRising371935d ago

i'll tell you all what it needs to do: NOT BE MADE. wait a little longer and put more effort into it for god sakes.

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