Game companies exist to make money

The video game industry is just that.

An industry.

Which means that it exists in a capitalistic world. You know, a free market. A place where you’re welcome to spend your money on whatever you please… or to refrain from spending that money.

Those companies that put these products out? They’re for profit businesses. They exist to produce, market, and ship great games ultimately for one purpose. First, for money, then, for acclaim.

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aquamala1789d ago

no way, I thought they care about us core gamers

2pacalypsenow1789d ago

They care because core gamers bring them money too

NeverEnding19891788d ago ShowReplies(2)
ZBlacktt1788d ago

Correction: All companies exist to make money.

baraka0071788d ago

is this new or has the world always been like this ;)

TongkatAli1788d ago

Why is Sony bleeding money left and right for its products ? Cause they're batshit crazy for its core fanbase and the goal with their products is the term "futureproof", they always use that word, lol.

That is why i'm supporting them more this time around, classy niggas that actually take risks all the time.

JBSleek1788d ago

Sony bleeds because they are inadequate in the TV business mainly not because they particularly care about the core fanbase.

They produce over-priced(compared to the market not value) products in a way more competive marketplace.

Just an observation though.

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The story is too old to be commented.