Project Awakened: The origin story

More than fancy boots or crazy powers, the one thing every superhero needs is an origin story: a tale of youthful adversity and the slow, awkward scramble towards triumph. Spider-Man was bullied at school and then bitten by a bug. Batman watched his parents gunned down after leaving Zorro. Captain America... um... let's just say he caught his trousers on a magic nail or something? That sounds about right.

For Project Awakened, the origin story kicks off back in 2007 with a small team at Midway Chicago prototyping a video game. Named Hero, it was inspired by the character creation tools of superhero MMOs, but it would allow you to then take your newly minted cyborg ninja, flying clown, or vengeful aqua-guy and throw them into a full-on action adventure with proper shooting and brawling and plenty of blasting people with funny lightning spikes that burst from your hands.

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