Sony Retires the XMB, Unleashes the PS4 UI

When the PS4 was announced last week, what we all predicted would happen came true – the XMB was dropped. With close-up pics of the new UI released today, the Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan say farewell to the old interface, and hello to the revamp.
-Daily Reaction

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Abash1698d ago

Considering how impressive and intuitive the new interface looks, the XMB will be very hard to miss

doctorstrange1698d ago

I will miss it, while simultaneously looking forward to the new UI. Us N4Gers are complex creatures.

Foolsjoker1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

It was still a big leap forward from the PS2's interface.

darthv721698d ago

the xmb always felt sort of detached from the system as a whole.

This new UI looks to be more alive and seamless in moving between the different parts of what makes up the UI itself. There looks to be more of a connected vibe throughout.

The XMB was definitely a good interface for what it did but i always felt like there was something holding it back from being more interactive with the rest of the PSN as a whole.

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bigfish1698d ago

What goes up must come down, all this good news and amazingness coming from SONY must end soon, surely?? I expect a real bummer announcement coming soon, this is all too good to be true.

SilentNegotiator1697d ago

What problem did people have with a simple category-horizontal, item-vertical OS again? Because I loved the original 360 OS and the XMB.

badz1491697d ago

They did dropped it for the Vita although understandiby the XMB is inefficient for touch screen thus the Vita GUI. I too am feeling that there's nothing wrong with the XMB but things are changing so there goes the old one replaced by the new one although XMB will remain as one of the most easily accessible yet complex GUI ever made.

THEDON82z11697d ago

I will miss the xmb too but at the same time I cant wait to experience ps4 UI...

xPhearR3dx1697d ago

I agree. The XMB was a heaping pile of trash anyway. It was slow, sluggish and unresponsive.Hopefully Sony has learned their lesson and this new UI will be much more fluid. From the looks of it, I believe it will. Really like the layout.

TH3 GAM31697d ago

I don't think there's anything wrong with the XMB but I understand the change also. I'm looking forward to see what Sony has to offer next.

DeadlyFire1697d ago

Looks more like PS4 PS Store menus to me. XMB could still exist on the PS4.

RumbleFish1697d ago

The new UI looks like the new PS Store. There's nothing intuitive to it and it actually sucks. It looks like a big advertisement. I prefer things to be simple and modest. I even prefered the older version of the XMB with smaller icons.

MiloGarret1697d ago

Welcome to the Metro UI.

Calm Down Sunshine1697d ago

There's nothing wrong with the XMB...

I don't need to see my face or any of my friends faces in massive tiles on my TV.

Wish they'd kept the simplicity and the "to-the-point" XMB :(

chazjamie1697d ago

i will not miss it at all. good riddance to bad garbage.

Ares84HU1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I don't know man. I have to see it in action to decide if it's inpressive or
not. Like the new playstation store, it looked good judgeing from screenshots but the way it works is confusing and fustrating. So I want to see the new system in action before passing judgement.

mistertwoturbo1697d ago

Sony hasn't retired it yet until they retire the PS3.

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HammadTheBeast1698d ago


Although it will probably be available as a theme.

yeahokchief1698d ago ShowReplies(4)
Mounce1698d ago

I don't honestly even see what was wrong with XMB, people at first compared it to XBL and said this was much cleaner, much easier to navigate....and now that PS3's PSN store is coming and PS4's taking a Windows 8-like boxy-vibe(Or whoever did such a....boxy-design..)

I honestly don't see what the whole problem is, I don't like XBL's UI and am I the only one who was fine with the PS3's XMB? :/ It was simple and clean, you know where the options were. I just don't like Square-jigsaw pieces containing Picture-arts of random or genre-like related areas. It feels more about the 'Look' than it is for convenience.

Morpheuzpr1698d ago

You know what's the funny part? A lot of people criticized GT5s menu which was basically that a bunch of boxes for you to choose from.

Mounce1697d ago

It almost seems hypocritical then of many Playstation users, varying on who or how many praised PSN's XMB when it was compared to the 360's, and now only to glimmer up the new look Sony is going for when really it just seems to be the 'New Look' of this generation, I guess in hopes that the new UI conforms to what most people are used to using in general with technology.

Oh well, even if I don't like the new look, we're clearly going to have to get used to it, lol. Wonder if I'll just accept it and try to adapt like the rest who're the same as me.

DOMination-1697d ago

For me its good riddance and one of the main reasons i preffered xbox this gen.

Firstly it lacked uniformity. For someone with mild ocd it really annoyed me. What i meant was that if you select the bbc app the entire screen went black. Also some games would change the screen when you selected them and some not. It seemed like there was no standard.

Secondly and more important. It felt dull and boring. Cut off from any feelings of being a social place. A friends list was just that. A list completely detached from you in every way. For me personally, MS really nailed the social side of things.

Thirdly, everyone here says its so simple yet there were a million things in the settings tab. Many pointless options, things being repeated in multiple tabs and no way of customising. Dynamic themes could be cool but honestly most of them resulted in me struggling to read the text.

I hope this os syncs trophies automatically when you unlock them. You shouldn't have to set your console to turn on in the night to do it, let alone pay for that "feature".

jwk941697d ago

This was just posted, how did this get approved?

Tainted Gene1697d ago

...because u touch yourself at night.

MysticStrummer1697d ago

Just going by the limited info I've seen on the new UI, I will miss the XMB. I don't understand why having a big mess on the screen is preferable the the XMB's simple clean look.

torchic1697d ago

I love the look of the new UI, I don't think it's a "big mess" it is better looking than XMB but I highly doubt it's anywhere near as convienient as XMB.

XMB was great because it worked.

NoSuchUserName1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

I kinda agree. After a short while using a new interface, I want something clean and responsive. Also, I don't want to see news etc that I'm not interested in.

Omni-Tool1697d ago

There is more room to throw ads at our eyes.

doogiebear1697d ago

I won't. On with the new.

Orionsangel1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

It's about time. Since N/A PS2 days I feel like this shit hasn't changed. Sony definitely needed something new.

TAURUS-5551697d ago

bye bye XMB.

UI sounds kind of alien.

negative1697d ago

Sure looks a lot like what MS has already done on Xbox.

UnholyLight1697d ago

Only cool thing about the XMB was how you could customize it how you wanted . my friend turned all of the labels to the Rammstein R+ logo which is just sick

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ftwrthtx1698d ago

But will the PS3 get the new XMB?

Kaizin5141698d ago

Not likely with how much more RAM the OS is going to have dedicated to it.

mushroomwig1698d ago

The XMB is as updated as it's ever going to get. It's come a long way since it's initial release back in 2006 but there is no need to change it any further.

squarecircle1697d ago

Actually the XMB was first seen in the PSX back in 2003.

Foolsjoker1698d ago

Maybe someone should say some kind words first?

ColeMacGrath1697d ago

People saying we'll miss you like its already gone? Still, 8 months remaining to stay with XMB..

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1698d ago

Darn you ppl messed it up!!!!

The lyrics are "Goodbye, So long, Nice try, I'm gone"

SR71 - Goodbye

YourSavior1698d ago

I like the new UI, so I won't miss the XMB.