Five Things We Hope to See at Blizzcon 2013

GameDynamo - "So what possible reveals could one of the biggest PC game developers out there have, and what could they have planned to improve on their existing products? Let's go over some of the possibilities, both the obvious, and the more hopeful ones."

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ArchangelMike1419d ago

Diablo III running on consoles.

Daver1419d ago

Diablo 4 like people imagined how Diablo 3 would be... I can dream heh?

Daver1419d ago

I doubt even the expansion that will probably be announce at this event will make any difference on the quality of this game.

3-4-51419d ago

Maybe they could announce they are in a development phase of Diablo 4 that will release in 2015-2016

ElementX1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Overrated developer IMO. All they have now is Diablo III, StarCraft and WoW (lol). They need new franchises fast.

kevnb1419d ago

God they should be ashamed having three of the biggest franchises ever under their belt... Lol.

ElementX1419d ago

They're stale. As a company they haven't brought anything new to the table in a long time, only sequels and WoW expansions. Sure they may be huge franchises and I've played them myself but I still think they should broaden their development and add more new IPs. They have the talent, so I say show us something new.

2pacalypsenow1419d ago

You do know that since 1994 they have only made 2 games that are not Starcarft/Diablo/or Warcraft . Thats 19 years how are they overrated "NOW" since they "NOW" only have a few franchises when they never did more than those 3??? Blizzard is far from overrated

sithsylar1419d ago

I really can't wait for the butt hurt to return when blizzard announces they will be coming on xbox 720 as well..

MaleManSam1419d ago

Warcraft IV. Do it! And make a true sequel to The frozen Throne, IGNORE WOW DAMNIT!

Panthers1419d ago

While I enjoy WoW, they need to do this. But they wont.

I just want to see some awesome pro SC2 games. I love watching SC2 pro gamers more than football. And I love football