What Twitter Thinks of David Cage

Last week, in a "surprise" announcement that absolutely no one was surprised about, Sony revealed its cleverly-named Playstation 4 console. The twitter-sphere went absolutely crazy over the various game reveals, console specs, and on-stage presenters. One of those presenters was David Cage, founder and CEO of studio Quantic Dream.

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DoomeDx1881d ago

Why does nobody like him?

Seriously. I think hes a genius.

Root1881d ago

I know....

Probably the COD crowd who only likes big explosions and a ton of guns in their games

Hell it's probably why the QTE in Heavy rain were looked down on but with the Walking Dead...Oh it's amazinng, GOTY stuff /s

classic2001881d ago

Cage is not afraid to tell the industry to grow up, and also tell them they have no creativity skills lol.

Fanboys of these kind of games hate him for the truth and people like me love him for the truth. He his a troll that troll people with the truth.

Kalowest1881d ago

He's too open-minded and outspoken to be in the game industry, but I'm glad he is!
I also think he's a genius.

Godmars2901881d ago

You missed the "hasn't really done a" in your #1.4.1 comment.

Deadly Premonition is better liked by the game community than Heavy Rain.

Godmars2901881d ago

Because he comes off as pretentious. Saying how the industry should be going when he hasn't really done a generally well received game. Reviews and sells aside, there is always pacing or mechanic issues.

Kalowest1881d ago

His games are "generally well received", what are you talking about?

Riderz13371881d ago

All his games are generally well received. Wtf are you talking about? Heavy Rain 87 metacritic and over 2 million sold, pretty impressive sales considering it's available on one console. Indigo Prophecy has 83 meta on PS2 and 85 on PC. If that's not "well received" I don't know what is.

AboutLastNight51880d ago

Do you mean they aren't "well-liked by the COD" fans?" They are certainly well-received. In an industry that is dominated by Battlefield, Halo, and Call of Duty, his games obviously won't have the same selling power. But his goal is to change that, and I think he can. Also I cannot think of "mechanic" issues in his games. Pacing is obvious, because his games aren't full is hardcore action. So when you're used to something like that, of course his games will feel slow.

Riderz13371881d ago

What do you mean nobody likes him? This is just an author nit picking comments intended to display hatred towards David Cage. I could make an article filled with people praising the man but it doesn't mean everybody likes him.

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GribbleGrunger1881d ago

Yeah, let's praise those that continue to make generic games and belittle those that want to innovate.

AboutLastNight51881d ago

He has some really good ideas, and he's right....violence isn't necessary for a successful game.

Blackdeath_6631880d ago

i loled when he started talking about polygons such an irrelevant thing and a subject that was impressive 15 years ago. i thought the industry has gotten over that. his speech at the press conference was pretty weak IMO. however i really do think he is revolutionising video games (yes a cliché statement i know you've probably heard that many times before) the work he has done with mo-cap is not only important in video games but also in film making. to be able to do the body,face and eyeball animation in one go is astonishing usually in motion capture face and eyeball animation have to be captured separately like when they filmed avatar.