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The Hauppauge PVR 2: Gaming Edition promises to offer HD recording for your PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 games at a reasonable price. With YouTube being the main catalyst for gamers wanting to capture their games and put them online for everybody to see, will this PVR satisfying your recording needs?

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chrispseuphoria1994d ago

I would not recommend this PVR to anyone. You cannot stream with it and it has broken down on me within a few months. The quality of the video is excellent but I'm going to stick with the Roxio Game Capture HD.

evercast1994d ago

I have one of these and have been streaming with it for the past week, Maybe you should try some more things before you give up on it haha.

LackTrue4K1994d ago

not trying to troll or anything, but good thing the ps4 is coming with a "share" button.

glennco1994d ago

We'll see. It aint out yet.

HarryB1994d ago

I got a dazzle and a good program and that's enough.

r211994d ago

With the PS4 coming, guess these devices will be rendered useless for next gen PS owners.