New Apps for the Vita: Friend Network and Imaginstruments

Two new PlayStation Vita applications are coming this Spring. Are you ready for Friend Network and Imaginstruments?

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r211751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Cant wait for both of em. Tried Toro's game on my Sinapore account and its actually good of time waster. Imaginstruments cause free music app :D

Donnieboi1750d ago

Will the apps be free or have to pay?

Daniel_F1750d ago

I think both of them will be free.

Friend Network was a free download when released in Japan and Imaginstruments was also free when it arrived to the European PlayStation Network.

r211750d ago

Like Daniel, both are free. Fun too if you're into mini social stuff.

tarbis1751d ago

Interesting apps. I want them =D

Danbruno13101751d ago

Please Sony get the kindle app. I

Jobesy1751d ago

The Vita definitely needs an ebook reading app.

Kalowest1751d ago

Just release the apps already!