Ubisoft Reflections MD: For PS4 “You Need Teams of up to 600 Guys” on Open World Games

One of those AAA games is Watch Dogs, something that Reflections has 90 people working on, representing one third of the overall team. When Pauline talked about whether the studio would be working on its own original IP though, she said, “Yes. We do parts of games, but it’s very actually standard at Ubisoft now to do AAA games, like for the new PS4 console, you need teams of up to 600 guys so you can’t do it at just one site.”

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doctorstrange1817d ago

And they have about 12 Assassin's Creeds in development at any given time... that's a lot of devs

Root1817d ago

Wasted devs in my opinion...they don't need all those for AC.

They could of easily done that Pirate Idea they've shoehorned into AC4 as a new IP. It's not like it would of competed against any other Pirate IP because there isn't any.

ftwrthtx1817d ago

Why didn't Risen 2: dark Waters have something like that?

MaxXAttaxX1817d ago

They'll only need that many people if they continue to put out sequels on a yearly basis.

rpd1231817d ago

We don't know if it's a pirate game yet. It's all been rumors. They're announcing it Monday. That screen shot certainly didn't look like a pirate.

M4I0N31817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )


To be honest, I disagree.

If they had fewer developers working on these games then I would certainly be worried, as I suspect that the overall quality of the games developed within a short development cycle (2 years for most of their games) would be abysmal and mostly rehashed. Like how we've all witnessed with the Call of Duty series.

From looking at Assassins Creed 3, there were clearly many teams working on this game in making sure that the story and the gameplay was top notch and from my eyes they certainly delivered on their vision.

cyclindk1817d ago

So Ubisoft advocates piracy do they?...

DeadlyFire1817d ago

Well there are a few small ones and new ones coming along.

Like Risen, and Raven's Cry. I think one or two others maybe in the next year or so, but still plenty of room.

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Wedge191817d ago

12 times 600.... that's like a billion people!

TrendyGamers1817d ago

I think it's closer to 3 or 4, but yeah, lots of developers!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1817d ago

So our games are made during a huge sausage fest?? No buy..

SolidGear31817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Sexual diacrimination, sir. There could be women around. I think Jade's still around and whose gonna get my coffee? LOL

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ftwrthtx1817d ago

That's a lot of future layoffs.

dbjj120881817d ago

Wow, how many are just contract workers and how many get to stay after the project is done?

TrendyGamers1817d ago

Probably more contract workers than actual staffers.

porkChop1817d ago

Knowing Ubisoft, only a very small minority will stay after the project is complete. Ubisoft doesn't give a shit about employees. That's why they're known for overworking their people, and then firing them once they get burnt out.

Nate-Dog1817d ago

Having such large teams will always have drawbacks. It could only be warranted by annual franchises but even then I imagine development will suffer from having such a large and varied amount of people to manage on one project.

extermin8or1817d ago

WOW the bubbles? :o how the..... just how?!1

doctorstrange1817d ago

He's either a mod, or sleeping with one.

SolidGear31817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Bubble up, doctor!! Comment made my day!

extermin8or1817d ago

How do rockstar or Sucker Punch etc manage it?! :p (Actually Rockstar have several studios and take years per game) but Infamous seems to have a similar turnaround to Assassins Creed games-2-3 year dev cylces, it's quite a clever system fo AC actually it means you get a good game every year that the different dev team has added it's own 'touch'. Plus improved on the existing mechanics say for instance the naval battles :p

RandomDude6551817d ago

I was about to say Sucker Punch. Didn't they make both Infamous games with around 40 people?

extermin8or1817d ago

SOmething like that yeah, then again I guess you could argue they had less content than an AC game what with all it's side missions they add these days, but infamous 2 had the engine redesigned, the game creatd,loads of side missions and UGC implemented in what 2 years?! :o and they aren't much bigger now, two years on from that and that infamous:second son trailer apparenlty consists of ingame footage both cutscenes with camera angles altered and gameplay with different camera angles.... all real time- theyhaven't needed a 400-600 person team lol

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