This Week in Gaming (Snarky Edition): XBox 720 rumors, Glenn Beck pusses out, Conan freaks out

The gaming world continues it’s whirlwind of finally getting new consoles and games while being blamed by really really old people for the ills of the world. It’s time for the weekly snarky-yet-eloquent recap of gaming headlines.

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crazyturkey1999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

I enjoyed the Conan, Tomb Raider review. As for Beck I wish he would debate Jon Stewart at least once.

LightofDarkness1999d ago

He won't, because he knows he'd be utterly humiliated. Beck's shtick is to escalate with strong emotional response, thus overpowering rationality in the discussion. Jon Stewart, while often using humour to subtly deliver a point, is far too cool and calm for someone like Beck to contend with. He won't really get Stewart into a shouting match with him, which is the only way he can win. Stewart would simply pick him apart with his wit.

Stewart's dialogues with Bill O'Reilly are much more fun and interesting than anything he'd talk with Glenn Beck about anyway.

Rainstorm811999d ago

Why is Glenn Becks face on N4G....... That guy makes my skin crawl

3-4-51999d ago

Can't stand DoucheBeck

OcarinaOfTom1998d ago