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Editorial: Valve under pressure

In Press2Reset's first Split Screen article, Sean Knight and Richard Hayden debate Valve’s decision to use Linux as the OS for the Steam Box. (Dev, Half Life 3, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, Steam, Steam Box, Tech)

porkChop  +   1001d ago
A big problem that I see for the Steam box is that it uses OpenGL, instead of DirectX. The vast majority of PC games use DirectX. OpenGL has become almost non-existant these days. The Steam Box won't be able to play most PC games, and outside of indies and Valve itself, I don't see it getting enough support.
barb_wire  +   1001d ago
DirectX is a Microsoft product/patent - so in order for Valve to use it in a console, wouldn't they have to pay license fees to Microsoft to use it? Would seem counter-productive to Valve to pay out to another company in order to use their assets.
Kalowest  +   1001d ago
True, but wouldn't they still make more money using DirectX. Devs can easily develop/port games to the SB using DirectX, while OpenGL is the opposite(maybe). It would be a better move for Valve in the long run.
Letros  +   1001d ago
That, or have no games...
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CyberCam  +   1001d ago
You guys make me laugh;
Developers don't like OpenGL because it's hard to develop games with it. LOL!

What do you think every Playstation & Nintendo consoles ever made uses? What about all the Mac, iOS & Android games? What, you think they all use Microsoft DirectX? LOL!

Yep the big publishers stay right away from OpenGL LMAO!

Also, Valve are banking on the community to make games with their new Source 2 engine, they've said it many times, that the community can make better content than they can... just look at all the mods for the Half Life 1/2 games there are and not just garbage games. Counter Strike, Garys Mod, Day of Defeat etc.

You people put too much stock in the big publishers, they're the ones that have stagnated the gaming industry with their sequel saturation. Indies will be leading the way in the future, mark my words.
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porkChop  +   1001d ago

I never said it was harder to develop for OpenGL, so don't put words in my mouth. Nor did I ever say that developers don't use OpenGL on other platforms. If you would have READ the comment, I'm specifically talking about "PC games".

The Steam Box will be using Steam, obviously. And hardly any games on Steam use OpenGL. It would have been smarter for Valve to licence DirectX, that would have been much better for them in the long run.

Next time try reading the comments you're replying to, because none of us said anything about OpenGL being harder to develop for, and none of us were talking about any platform other than PC.
CyberCam  +   1001d ago
It sure sounded like that's what you were implying, if that was not your intention, then my bad. It's just that I've heard that argument far too much lately.

As for Valve licensing DirectX, what in God's name do you think they are going to linux for? To get away from the grip of MSFT.

Gabe's own words "... Linux is a get out jail for free card". Freedom from licensing is what will drive new ideas & methods. Developers need to cut the ball & chains costs that take money away from their development budgets.

Oh, I almost forgot, there's a reason that DiretX is so easy to use on a Windows OS, than OpenGL. Because the the master, is in control of the world you live & play in, and he makes it so for his benefit.
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DOMination-  +   1001d ago
Well i guess Gabe Newell probably knows whats best for his console than some guys on an internet forum.
user3915800  +   1001d ago
Is not only Valve in trouble, sony and ouya is also, the OS Ubuntu its an open source, expect hacking to the greatest its ever been, just look at androids and you see what im talking about. The more open the OS the more hacking, they just gave a free pass to hackers.

I see it already another congretional hearing over security issues and credit cards stolen. Mark my word PS4 will be hack in its first 6 month in the market and expect to see corruption of data and missing-hack acounts. Like I said, I wait 2 years before jumping to ps4 cause they will have issues.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1001d ago
Hopefully since it's a start of a new gen open gl can squeeze it's way in. Or will ps4 use dx11?
DeadlyFire  +   1001d ago
PS4 will use Open GL,ES,CG, CL, RL, or some other possibly custom variation of them.

Microsoft would never let them have DirectX in its latest form. Microsoft hates Open standards and take extra steps in their OSs to slow down Open standards like OpenGL in some versions of Windows, but many games actually are built on it and you just don't know it.

Sony and Nintendo have always used a custom OpenGL or OpenES type of standard. It doesn't hinder the graphics at all. Its actually an improvement. OpenGL has always ran a bit faster than DirectX.
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DeadlyFire  +   1001d ago
You are aware Halo started out as OpenGL game. Let me take you back to its first announcement.


Valve isn't going to pay Microsoft.
Sony isn't going to pay Microsoft
Nintendo isn't going to pay Microsoft.

All of them use Open standards like OpenGL and OpenGL ES, OpenCL, OpenCG, and OpenRL, and many other variations in custom forms they can add new features that match up to DirectX pretty easy. Just like how Linux is customized so much so since its an open OS. OpenGL itself runs faster than DirectX even on Windows.

You can even run many games on OpenGL on your setup today if you wanted to do it.

Did you know RAGE was an OpenGL game? Many big developers consider OpenGL when they think about developing a game across Windows, Mac, and Linux as one API would fit all three OSs.
ATi_Elite  +   1000d ago
@ Porkchop
The whole Purpose of the SteamBox is to ELIMINATE the need for Microsoft and it's Directx

at any time Microsoft can start charging gamers or Devs to use Directx and the whole "you gotta Buy a New OS to get a New Directx update" is growing OLD!

Valve and Linux have a nice "wrapper" that allows ANY and ALL Directx games to run on SteamBox without a MS OS and at the same quality and features as a MSOS/DX combo

So Steambox is Not losing anything!

I have 2 great gaming PC's but I just may buy a Steambox just to be free of Microsoft for Gaming!

(Also you can upgrade a Steambox with whatever hardware and software you want as I'm sure the Valve/Linux tech is in the EFI Bios)
porkChop  +   1000d ago
Ah, I wasn't aware that they were using a wrapper. That makes sense.

Though if you just want to be free of Microsoft then couldn't you just install Valve's version of Linux on your computer? Or are they locking it to the Steam Box?

And I'm not sure how upgradeable the Steam Box would be. I remember them saying that the prototypes are only slightly larger than a Rubik's Cube. And it uses an integrated GPU, likely a CPU/APU combo. Which means you wouldn't want to replace your desktop with it because it's probably going to be very slow for games without a discrete GPU. Still, it's good for PC gaming on the couch.
Kalowest  +   1001d ago
The Steam Box seems like a waste of money, especially if you have a Good PC. What is it going to do that the PS4 and X720 can't?
aliengmr  +   1001d ago
Ideally it would just do what a PC does, but in a console form-factor.

The market isn't going to change to:


Based on what Gabe has been saying it just doesn't sound like he intends the Steam-Box to be anything more than an extension of the PC and a way too push Linux for gaming.

When you think of in terms of the current consoles, yea, its an incredibly stupid idea. Which is precisely why I don't think that is going to happen.

My guess it will be something small which won't directly compete with the PS4 and 720, but will find its place over time. Which is really the only thing you can do to compete against Windows as a gaming platform on PC.

The end result being PC gaming having an actual choice of OSs and a mini PC that works like a console. This is years away mind, and certainly not going to happen over night.
Saryk  +   1001d ago
Exactly, plant the seed and watch it grow, on its own!
BanBrother  +   1001d ago
Is the pun in the heading intended?
If not, I suppose Valve could always relieve themselves of some of this pressure by letting off ....*puts sunglasses on* some STEAM!!!! *Waits for anvil to drop on head*

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